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World 6, Level 3

As the vikings enter this new area of the ship, Tomator welcomes them to the arena.

Reach the Exit

Have Olaf float up and face the left side of the screen to block the scorpion's projectiles. Have Olaf land on the ledge with the scorpion and carefully back it into the corner. Then have Baleog float up and kill the scorpion. Then Erik can float up here and get the yellow key.

Next, have Olaf float up to the ledge above this one (avoid the lasers in the ceiling), and stand on the far right to block the scorpion's projectiles. Then have Baleog float up here and kill the scorpion with arrows. Then have Erik come up here and use the yellow key, then get the red key.

Now Erik can float to the right to where the red keyhole is, but he shouldn't use the key yet. Have Olaf float to the ledge above the red keyhole, then have Erik use the red key, and switch back to Olaf to block the scorpion and back it into the corner, getting the blue key in the process.

Then have Baleog come up and kill the scorpion.

Have Olaf float down and give the blue key to Erik. Then Erik should go down to the lower level and go to the right. He should fall onto the spring to the right, then hold the jump button to jump high enough to reach the short ladder. Have him climb up and use the blue key.

Now have Olaf and Baleog go down to the spring that Erik jumped on a moment ago, and have Olaf and Baleog use the spring to go to the right. Olaf should stand to the left of the antigravity field, and Baleog should float to the right until the scorpion appears, then float to the left behind Olaf and kill the scorpion with arrows.

Then Olaf should float up one level and block the scorpion on the upper-right ledge, and Baleog should float up and shoot it with arrows. Then Erik should jump across the gap and get the yellow key on the right, then float up and use it on the upper-right keyhole, then float to the exit. Then the other two vikings should float up and join Erik at the exit.

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