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World 5, Level 5

In another visit to candyland, the vikings must defeat an evil Baleog to reach the exit.

Reach the Exit

Olaf should raise his shield and float to the right, then as soon as you see the Evil Baleog, Olaf should fall down below and face Baleog with his shield. Evil Baleog will swing his sword repeatedly at Olaf, but the shield will keep him safe.

Erik should jump to the right and use the teleporter, then carefully jump from ladder to ladder until he reaches the right side, where he can get the red key. Have him go down the rightmost ladder and go to the left, where there is a teleporter.

Baleog should go to the left and shoot an arrow at the target on the left to get rid of the laser. Then he can go down to get a blue key, and he will find another teleporter. But before using it, Baleog should go to the right and shoot an arrow, then switch to Erik or Olaf to make the arrow hit Evil Baleog. Be careful because Evil Baleog will turn and shoot an arrow at Baleog, so have Baleog walk up the slope after shooting the first arrow.

When Evil Baleog is dead, have Olaf go to the left to get the blue key from Baleog, then go to the right and get the red key from Erik. Then Olaf should raise his shield and use both keys in the middle to make the platform disappear. He will get the yellow key as he floats down.

Erik can use his teleporter, then jump up the ladders and go up the far left ladder. Then he can get on the moving platform, jump over the laser, and jump onto the spring. Then he should get on the next moving platform, go over the laser, then go to the left and make his way down. He should go to the left until he sees a teleporter and a blue key. He should jump onto the teleporter, then jump to the left to get the blue key. He will land on a spring below. He should go to the right and try to jump up the falling platforms. This will be difficult. Have him jump up on the leftmost platform when it's as high up as possible. Then quickly do a very short jump onto the middle platform, and quickly jump up onto the rightmost platform, then quickly jump to the next middle platform, and from there jump to the teleporter.

Baleog should use his teleporter and go to the right. Olaf should raise his shield, and Baleog should jump on the spring to get up on Olaf's shield. The two of them should slowly move toward the right until Baleog is up on the ledge on the right.

Now Olaf can raise his shield and use the yellow key. He should float downward, and at the bottom he should go to the right, past the crushing fist. He can spring upward, climb the ladder, and block the musical note guy with his shield.

Baleog should be up on the ledge to the right of where Olaf used the yellow key. Baleog should go to the right, falling down a hole and landing on a spring below. Then he should go to the right and quickly go down the ladder before he can get hit with an eight ball. Down below, he should kill the musical note guy, then Olaf should go up and block the eight balls above. Then Baleog can come back up and shoot the blocks and target in front of the eight ball monster. This will stop the eight ball monster and get rid of the wall. Baleog and Olaf should go dwon the ladder, then they should go right to fall down to where Erik is trapped in the exit. Erik should trade his blue key with the vikings on the other side so one of them can unlock the door and they can all exit.

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