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World 5, Level 7

The vikings must navigate a room full of spikes by inflating and using fans to their advantage.

Reach the Exit

Erik should inflate and go to the left past the spikes, to where there is another inflater. He should use it and go up. There are some hidden bombs in the right wall. Erik should go the rest of the way up, climbing the ladder that he finds there. Then he should go left and down, and flip the switch to make the nearby fan turn on. Then if he didn't get the hidden bombs mentioned earlier, he needs the bomb that is to the left, so Erik should jump to get that bomb. Then he should go up to the top of this area, where there is a wall. Put a bomb up against the wall to break the blocks below. Then go down to where the wall fell, and jump on it to reach the swtich. Flip it to turn off the nearby fan.

Olaf should then inflate and go to the left past the spikes. Now that Erik has turned on the fan above, Olaf should inflate and go to the left, letting the fan push him down as he goes to the left, where there is another inflater and a switch. Don't turn on this switch. Instead, inflate at the inflater. Keep going up until you reach the red key at the very top.

Now Erik needs to go back down to the bottom of this area and turn off the fan that he turned on earlier.

Then Olaf should go back down to the bottom, inflate, and flip the switch so the fan will push him out of the way of the spikes. When he reaches the right side, he should float down to the right, to where Baleog is. Then he should float to the inflater to the right, and float up to the red keyhole, and use the red key to turn off the nearby fan.

Before Olaf leaves this area, he should float down through a hole in the wall where a hidden area contains an omega bomb and some other items. Then he should rejoin Baleog.

Erik should go up and use the teleporter to rejoin the other two vikings.

Have Olaf inflate first, going straight up now that the fan is turned off, and stop at the next ledge. Lower his shield and go to the right to block an Evil Baleog's arrows. Then Baleog can come up and kill the Evil Baleog.

When the Evil Baleog is dead, have Baleog get on the moving platform and shoot the target to the right to open the wall.

Now Olaf should get on the moving platform and go to the right side, where there is an inflater. He should raise his shield and use the inflater, go to the right to get the blue key, then deflate and float to the left. He should use the moving platform to go to the left, then use the inflater and use the blue key in the keyhole to turn off the laser. He will be pushed to where there are some springs.

Next, there is an eight-ball spitting monster up above, as well as a bouncing ball monster. Olaf can go up to the top spring, blocking the eight balls as he bounces, then he can get up on the ledge and lure the bouncing ball monster, then go back to the safety of the spring, where the bouncing ball monster can't reach. Then if he got the omega bomb earlier, he can use the omega bomb to kill the bouncing ball monster. Otherwise, you will either have to send Olaf back down to get the omega bomb, or Baleog will have to carefully kill the bouncing ball monster.

With the bouncing ball monster out of the way, the three vikings should join Olaf, hiding behind his shield to avoid the eight balls. If Erik is still in the area where he bombed the wall, he can use the teleporter to go back to the starting area of the level, and from there join the other vikings.

Erik and Baleog should go to the right to where there is a spring and an inflater. Then Olaf can join them.

Next, Olaf should raise his shield, use the inflater, float up and press the button, then continue floating right, and deflate before hitting the spikes, then float to the right. Then he can use the springs to reach the exit on the right, and the other vikings can do the same.

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