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World 3, Level 4

After escaping some deadly traps, the vikings have even spikier traps to contend with.

Reach the Exit

Erik should jump up and climb the column behind Olaf. Up above, he will find a bunch of helpful items: food, a shield, an Omega Bomb, and if he goes all the way to the right, a giant steak. He will have to go down and give at least one item to one of the other vikings in order to get the giant steak.

Next, have Baleog shoot the switch across the spikes. Have Olaf go to the right and stand to the left of the chained block. Then have Erik come back down, jump to get the tomato, and go to the right and jump onto the chained block. It will descend, so Erik has to jump back up to the platform to avoid getting hit by a flame. Then have Baleog join Olaf, and Baleog should shoot an arrow to break the chain. The block will fall and hit a switch that lowers the spikes down below. It also deactivates the fire-spitting statue.

Erik should go down to where the spikes were, go to the right and go down the ladder. There is a hidden passage in the left wall, and only Erik can go all the way through the passage. When Erik reaches the end of the passage he finds a mummy. If you got the Omega Bomb earlier, have Erik use it to kill the mummy. Then Erik can get the shield and the fire arrows.

Have Baleog use the fire arrows, then he can go down and kill the spear guy. Then Erik can dash into the wall to the left. When you go down the ladder to the left, you see a hint next to a spear guy: Scarab, Crook/Ankh
Scales, Eye.
Erik can dash against the wall to get into the spear guy's room and get the tomato, but be sure to put Olaf next to the wall so he can block the spear guy and Baleog can kill him.

Now have Erik dash into the left wall. Baleog will need to go to the left to kill the spear guy there. Have him climb the ladder to kill that spear guy as well. Then send Olaf up to where he can flip the switches (which might have not look like switches because of some sort of glitch) to change the hieroglyph on the wall. Change all the hieroglyphs to the clue that you saw in the spear guy's room. When Olaf goes to the upper area, have him raise his shield to protect him from the falling stones.

When the correct symbols are in place, go down and press the button to open the door to the exit. Then all three vikings can go to the exit.

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