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World 5, Level 6

After floating over a lake of cola, the vikings must carefully inflate without letting fans push them onto spikes.

Reach the Exit

Have Olaf raise his shield and go left across the bubbles. Once he is on the left side he should raise his shield when bouncing on the spring on the left, then press the red button as he goes past. Then he should go to the left and block the Evil Baleog.

The other two vikings should follow, and Baleog should kill Evil Baleog. Then Baleog should go to the left, inflate, then inflate at the next inflater, and go up onto the ledge to the right where he can go to the right and shoot the target, turning off the fan.

Olaf can go to the left, inflate, then at the top he should raise his shield and go to the right to float down and get the red key. then he should go again to the left, and inflate again. He can optionally inflate all the way to the top of this area where there is a vegetable and a shield that he can take, then float down to safety.

To the right of the angled gap where Olaf floated down to get the red key, there is a red keyhole. Olaf should use the inflaters to float there and use the red key, removing the door.

Olaf should now go to the right until he reaches a cola waterfall, then use the inflater to float to the right, past the plunger in the floor, and go to the right where there is an inflater in the bottom-right corner. Baleog should do the same. Otherwise they will get trapped.

Erik should go to the area underneath the fan that Baleog deactivated. He should inflate up past the fan, then he will need to carefully jump up on the ledge to the left, then jump up to the right to get the bomb, then carefully jump up to get the blue key. after that, he should go down to where the fan is, and jump across the gap just below the fan, so he can go over and use the blue key.

Then he should fall off to the right, where there is an inflater, and use it to float up to the next inflater, and from there float left to a ledge to the left of the laser. He should go to the left and jump over the raised part of the floor and push the large block off. Then he should go down and push that block to the right, where it will fall onto a plunger below. Erik should make his way down to where it fell, and get the yellow key that is now accessible after pushing the block onto the plunger.

It might be best to give the key to Olaf, who can use the inflaters to float up to the yellow keyhole below the laser, then float back down to safety with his shield.

Next, Baleog should float up past where the laser was, using the next inflater to get up onto the spring, and land at the top where he can shoot a target to get rid of the next laser.

Now Olaf should come up to where Baleog is, and Olaf should use the inflater to go up past where the laser was, and jump on the spring to float to the moving platforms to the left. He can go left and get the tomato, then he needs to fall down below and block the Evil Baleog. The real Baleog should come up and kill the Evil Baleog.

Then Olaf can inflate to the left, landing on a spring to the left, and landing on another spring to the left of that. Then Olaf should land at the inflater to the left of the spring, and use it to go up and get the red key. However, he should float back down to the inflater he just used, because there is an Evil Baleog down below. He will need to carefully time it so Olaf can go to the right, follow the Evil Baleog while it walks away, then block it when it turns around. Then Baleog can come and kill the Evil Baleog, and Olaf can use the red key to open the wall.

From here, it is simply a matter of going to the right, where you can optionally go up a slope on the right to get a tomato, then go to the left and fall to the inflater, float left and land on the spring, but spring as far left as you can to avoid getting impaled, then go left from spring to spring, carefully going over the two spikes, to reach the exit.

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