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World 1, Level 4

After learning that they were brought aboard the ship to live in Tomator's zoo, the Vikings try to escape.

Reach the Exit

Have Olaf go down the ladder and block the two green aliens. Then have Baleog go down and kill the aliens. Go to the left to find a tomato.

Have Erik jump to the platform to the left and go down the ladder. At the bottom, go right and carefully jump over the grinder. Then ride partway up the elevator and walk off the right side to press the red button to the right.

Have the other two vikings go onto the elevator that Erik sent up. When they reach the bottom, have Olaf go to the right, where he will block a laser gun. Have Erik go to where Olaf is blocking the laser, and jump over the grinder the moment the gun shoots a laser. Get the yellow key, and quickly jump back behind Olaf.

Have Baleog go up the ladder and kill the green alien, then have Erik use the yellow key on the yellow keyhole to open the door.

Have Olaf go to the right. Make sure not to stay in the anti-gravity field for too long, or you will float up into the laser and die. After Olaf is blocking the blue robot, send Baleog to kill the robot, then send Erik to jump onto Olaf's shield to get the shoe. Have him use the shoe. This will make him immune to the gravity fields. Have him go to the right, jumping over the two blue robots, then press the red button to disable the gravity fields. Another way to do this is to give Olaf the gravity boots and have him use them, then walk to the right, stopping when he reaches a robot. Then switch to Baleog and shoot an arrow, then switch back to Olaf such that Baleog's arrow is still on screen. The arrow will go across the screen and hit the blue robot.

Whatever you do, give Erik or Olaf the gravity boots and have him go to the right to press the red button, stopping the anti-gravity fields. Have all three vikings go all the way to the right to reach a dimensional portal.

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