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World 2, Level 1

Having escaped Tomator's spaceship through a dimensional portal, the vikings find themselves in a strange land.

Reach the Exit

Have Erik go to the right and jump over the water to get the red key. He can jump up against the wall to the right to find a hidden passage leading to the Omega Bomb in the wall.

Have Olaf go up the ladder to block the dinosaurs and snail, then have Baleog go up and kill the monsters. Then have Erik jump back over the water and go up the ladder, then go to the right and jump over the gap to get the vegetable. Then he should jump down below and jump over the water to get the yellow key.

Next, have Olaf go down below and go to the right, standing next to the wall. Have Erik use his dash attack to break down the wall, then have Baleog come and kill the snail.

Have Olaf raise his shield. If Erik is holding four items, have him trade an item to another viking. Then have Erik jump onto Olaf's shield, and jump up through the hidden passage to get the shield. This can be used to give a viking an extra energy point.

Have Olaf go down the ladder and block the snail, then send Baelog down to kill it. Then have Olaf stand next to the door, and unlock it using the red key. Have Baleog kill the dinosaur.

Have Erik go to the left and jump to get the piece of meat. Then go left and unlock the door with the yellow key.

Have Baleog go to the left and shoot the red switch beyond the water to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and stand to the left of the first red switch, then shoot the second one. Have all three vikings go to the exit.

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