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World 5, Level 2

After escaping a surreal world of checkerboard patterns and spikes, the vikings find themselves in a surreal world full of candy.

Reach the Exit

Erik can go to the right and jump up the conveyor belts to get a blue key. After that, he should fall to the right. If he keeps pushing right he will go through a hidden passage to get a shield. Then he should go to the left. He needs to go down to the bottom of this area, but he will need to fall from bubble to bubble. Have him walk left after a bubble goes past, then land on the ledge to the left. Repeat the process, and he will be on a ledge to the right. He can optionally jump and go right through a hidden passage to get some items, but another musical note guy is there. From the bubble area, he should fall below the next bubble and immediately push right so he doesn't fall and drown in the cola below. Then he can go to the right, down the ladder, and use the blue key to open the exit.

Olaf can fall into that gap so Baleog can go to the right, up the ladder, and get on the moving platform to shoot all six targets. There is a hidden passage between the bottom-right targets. Baleog can go in and try to kill the two musical note guys, but it is difficult to do so without getitng hit. After he hits the six targets, the door above will disappear. Baleog can kill the musical note guy with his arrows, then go up above. To the right he will find a bomb and a red key.

After Baleog uses the red key, switch to Olaf so he can float to the right to avoid getting impaled. After avoiding those spikes, Olaf can go straight down to where there is a spring, then float between the spikes on the right, grab the ladder, climb up and float right to reach a teleporter.

Meanwhile, Baleog is stranded between two platforms, so he should go down the left hole and use a bomb on the platform directly below. Then he should fall down one level and shoot the target on the left to get rid of the laser. Then he can jump down and quickly kill the musical note guy. Then he can go to the right and shoot the chains to make the block fall onto the plunger below. Baleog can then fall to the right, going rightward to avoid falling onto the laser, then fall to the left to reach the teleporter. He can use it to go to where Olaf went.

After Erik unlocks the door, they can go to the right, bounce on the spring, and go to the exit on the right.

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