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World 5, Level 8

The vikings must work together to disarm the traps around a moving platform to reach the exit.

Reach the Exit

Erik should bash the wall to the right to reveal a fire arrow. Baleog should take it and use it.

Go left and have Olaf or Baleog stand on the left side of the seesaw, then have Erik jump on the right side and hold the jump button to go high enough to get the omega bomb at the upper-right. Then launch Olaf up to the left side where the switch is, and have him flip the switch. Then Erik needs to join Olaf. Olaf sould raise his shield and then Erik should bash the wall and Olaf should stand under the falling wall and raise his shield. Then send Baleog up to kill the bouncing ball monster to the left. Then Baleog should go to the left and inflate, and land on the ledge and shoot through the gap to get rid of the blocks. Then he should float up to the top and get on the conveyor belt and shoot the target to the right. Then he should go down below and kill the bouncing ball monster, remembering to use fire arrow if he got them, as mentioned earlier. Then go to the right and make sure that someone flipped the switch down below to make some supports appear, and shoot the chain. The block will fall onto the supports.

Now Baleog and Erik can walk over the newly fallen block to leave this area, followed by Olaf.

Then Olaf should float down the middle and press the button, removing the wall. He should raise his shield when he lands.

Then Erik can jump up and turn off the switch so that the block falls onto Olaf's shield down below.

Erik should go past the wall that Olaf opened when he pressed the button, and jump over the raised floor to the left and go all the way down to where there is a bomb. Then he should float back up and use the bomb to get the blue key up above. Then he should go down and use the key to open the wall. Then he should carefully jump onto the spring on the right and use it to get the red key. Then he should spring up to the top and use the red key on the keyhole. Then he can push the big block to the right, but not all the way, because the Evil Baleog is there. If you still have the omega bomb, you can use it here. Otherwise, have Erik go to the springs to the left to avoid Evil Baleog's arrows, and have the real Baleog push the big block the rest of the way then quickly shoot a fire arrow at Evil Baleog.

Pushing the block onto the plunger will make the platform that Olaf is on start to move, so Olaf can now go to the right.

Have all three vikings use the teleporter. Then put Baleog on the moving platform, and have Olaf float to the left and down to safety where he can push the button before Baleog gets killed. Quickly switch to Baleog to shoot the target. Then Erik needs to quickly go to the right and get the yellow key, then fall to the right where he will land on a spring. He should quickly go left and use the yellow key, then join the other vikings on the platform. Baleog needs to shoot the target on the right.

Then all three vikings can go to the exit.

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