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World 2, Level 4

After climbing around in the trees, the vikings continue their journey through the prehistoric era.

Reach the Exit

Have Baleog go partway down the ladder, then walk into the left wall. There is a hidden fire arrow there. Have him use it to power up his arrows. Have Olaf go all the way down the ladder and stand near the breakable wall to the left, then have Erik dash into it, and have Baleog shoot a fire arrow at the blue-haired caveman. Then you can get the shield.

Have Baleog go down the next ladder and use a fire arrow on this caveman so you can get the tomato.

Have Olaf go to the right and block the blue dinosaur, then have Baleog kill it. Then have Olaf go up the ladder and block the snail, and have Baleog go up and kill it. Then Baleog should shoot to the right so he hits the stalactites, making them fall and create a bridge over the lava below.

Send Olaf across the bridge, followed by Baleog, who can kill the blue dinosaur. Send Olaf up the ladders, and have him block the flame-spitting statue up above. Have Erik get the tomato near the statue, then have him dash into the breakable wall on the right. Then have Baleog come and shoot the switch across the lava.

Baleog and Erik should go to the right and fall down to the nearby ledge, then Olaf can follow them. From this ledge, you can reach a hidden hole in the left wall that contains a piece of meat.

Send Olaf down the ladders to the bottom, where he can block a blue-haired caveman. Then have Baleog go down and to the left, where he can shoot the button across the lava. Send Olaf across the bridge to block the final blue-haired caveman, then have Baleog kill it, and send all vikings to the left to reach the exit.

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