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World 2, Level 2

After getting past some vicious blue dinosaurs and green snails, the vikings reach another prehistoric area.

Reach the Exit

Send Olaf up the ladder and have him collect the vegetables along the way. Then at the top, go to the right and raise your shield, But don't float to the giant steak. If you do, Olaf will be stuck there. Carefully float between platforms of hot coals, going to the right to get a vegetable, then continuing downward until you reach the bottom. Then have Olaf get the blue key and use it on the nearby keyhole.

Have Olaf go to the right and block the blue dinosaur, and have Baleog kill it. Have Olaf go farther right, and block the spinning blue-haired caveman. While Olaf blocks it, have Erik go up the nearby ladder and get the red key, then jump on top of the fire-spitting statue. Have him walk to the right, into a secret passageway where he will get a fire arrow and some meat. Then have Erik go back and give Baleog the fire arrow. Have Baleog use the fire arrow, then have him go over and shoot the blue-haired caveman. Normally the blue-haired caveman can't be hurt until he stops spinning, but the fire arrow is powerful enough to get through the caveman's defenses.

Have Erik use the red key on the keyhole, then have Olaf cross the bridge and go up the ladder, blocking the blue dinosaur. Have Baleog kill the dinosaur, then have Olaf stand on the little hill and raise his shield. Have Erik jump onto the shield, then jump up and take the yellow key. Go down and use it on the keyhole. Go to the left and get the shield.

Have Olaf go up the ladder, then go left and block the snail. Have Baleog come and kill the snail. Then Erik can dash into the wall to the left and you can get the giant steak.

Have Olaf go up the ladder and block the dinosaur and blue-haired caveman, then have Baleog kill them. Then go to the right and kill the snail, and send all three vikings to the exit.

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