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World 4, Level 3

After learning how to use magnetic cranes, the vikings need to use a battery.

Get the Spool of Wire

First, have Olaf go down the elevator to the lowest level. He needs to carefully walk to the left, avoiding the knives that come out of the floor and ceiling. When he goes all the way to the left, he will get a spool of wire (which might be invisible due to a graphics glitch). He should go back up to the beginning of the level and use the spool of wire on the machine that has the matching symbol (Baleog is standing in front of it).

Get the Tools

Now have Olaf and Baleog go down the elevator together. Olaf should go into the vent on the right and block the bullets from the gun monster. Then Baleog should go into that vent and walk past the gun monster, which is immune to Baleog's weapons. Baleog should keep going until he finds a blade monster. Baleog can stand in the vent and shoot arrows at the blade monster to kill it. Then he can go get the fire arrows.

Have Baleog use the fire arrows, then go back to where Olaf is blocking the gun monster. Baleog can now shoot the gun monster with fire arrows to kill it. Olaf should go to the right and follow the vents until he finds another gun monster. Have him block the bullets. Switch to Baleog and have him go to the gun monster and kill it with a fire arrow. One of the vikings can go to the left, get the piece of meat, and follow the vents to find a set of tools (which also might be invisible because of a graphics glitch).

Get the Metal Block

Give Olaf the tools and have him ride the elevator to the highest level. Raise his shield to block the flying monster's projectiles. Have him go to the left and ride the spinning platform to the left side. Then have him float to the left, past the spikes, and press the button to deactivate the laser. Have him use the tools on the broken machine to the left of the elevator. This will make a metal block fall out of the machine (which also might be invisible because of a graphics glitch).

Have Olaf go back to the other elevator and go down. Have him use the metal block on the left side of the machine that just shows a square on the screen.

Get the Beaker

Now have all three vikings get onto the elevator, and have Olaf raise his shield. Go up to the top, then carefully have Baleog go to the right and get on the moving platform. From there, he can use a fire arrow to kill the flying monster. Then have Baleog shoot the red pipes on the firethrower machine. Shoot all three red pipes to deactivate the flames.

Erik can climb the pipe to the left of the moving platform to reach the upper area, where he can get a piece of meat and a bomb.

Now that the flamethrowers have been disabled, have Baleog go to the right on the conveyor belt and kill the blade monster. Or you can have Erik jump over the blade monster to go through a hidden hole in the wall to the right, then he can climb up the pipe to get the Omega Bomb and kill the monster that way. To the right of where the blade monster was, there is a beaker full of blue liquid (which might also be invisible due to a graphics glitch).

Get the Battery

Take the beaker down to the machine and use it on the part of the machine that shows the outline of the beaker.

Use the Battery

If all three machine parts are in place, the machine will drop a battery (which also might be invisible due to a graphics glitch). Go to the right side of the machine to get the battery, then use it on the machine to the right of the elevator to open the exit door. Have all three vikings go to the exit.

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