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World 4, Level 7

After a lot of jumping, the vikings need to use more machinery to escape.

Reach the Exit

Use the crane to let Olaf reach the springs. Have him go all the way up. Then Erik should go up and bash the wall with his head. Olaf can float down and get the red key and tomato. Erik should jump to the right to get the bombs. He can use a bomb on the floor at the right to fall below and get a steak. There is a spring below the hole so he can safely land.

Olaf should unlock the door. Then before you use a bomb, Erik should bash the wall to get some fire arrows. Then use a bomb on the floor that looks different from the rest. Then have Olaf go down and block the gun robot. Then Baleog should use the fire arrows and shoot the gun robot. Then Olaf can continue going down, into the vent to get an Omega Bomb and some other items. Then he should go the rest of the way down and quickly use the Omega Bomb to kill the blade robot. Then he can ride the elevator up and press the button to create a bridge. The other vikings can now join him on the elevator and all three can go down. Go past the serrated blades, then put Baleog on the see-saw and have Erik send him up. Have Baleog land on the moving platform and shoot the two flamethrowers. Then all three vikings can reach the exit.

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