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World 1, Level 2

The Vikings go farther through the alien spaceship and start to get an idea of why they're here.

Reach the Exit

Have Erik jump and get the tomato. The ? buttons will explain how to use items. Go through the door on the right, then climb the ladder and press the button. Walk up to the red alien to learn more about your predicament. Go to the left to get another tomato.

Switch to Baleog. Go to the right and kill the green alien there, then climb the second ladder and kill the green alien up there. Then press the switch to stop the laser, and get the two bombs.

Go back down the ladder and go to the right. Get the vegetable next to the elevator, then stand on the elevator and switch to the other vikings. Make all three stand on the elevator, then press down to go down. When you stop next to two lasers, keep going down.

Switch to Baleog and shoot an arrow through the lasers to hit the switch. Then go to the left and use a bomb on the computer below the window. Walk away from the bomb to prevent getting hurt by the blast. Then go to the left and talk to the red alien, and get the vegetable to the left of the alien.

Go back to the elevator and go up one level. Go to the left until you see some arrows pointing upward. Flip the switch to start the anti-gravity field. There is a green alien in the upper level, so don't get too close to the left side of the anti-gravity field. Have Baleog kill the green alien, then have Olaf go up the anti-gravity field and go to the far left, where he can block a laser gun. Have all the vikings go to where Olaf is blocking the laser, and have Erik and Baleog go partway down the ladder.

Have Olaf go down the ladder last, and have him block the laser at the bottom. Have Erik go to the bottom of the ladder, and then go to the right and use his dash attack to hit the wall on the right. This will reveal a giant steak. Take it.

Have Erik and Baleog go partway down the next ladder, then have Olaf follow them, blocking the laser at the bottom.

Have Baleog go all the way down, and have him go to the left and kill the green aliens that block your way to the exit. Then have Erik go to the exit, then Olaf.

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