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World 2, Level 7

After escaping a stinky swamp, the vikings must get through a fiery volcano.

Reach the Exit

Have Olaf go up and block the fire-spitting statue. Have the other two vikings go up the ladder behind Olaf. Then have Olaf go up and block the next fire-spitting statue. Have the other two go up the next ladder.

Now have Baleog go up the next ladder. You will see a cavewoman in a cage. Baleog should shoot the padlock to break it. Erik can go to the woman more easily, so have him jump to her and talk to her. She will give you a hint about finding the key to drain the volcano. The woman will stop the fireballs from coming out of the volcano. If you want some extra items, have Baleog go up the ladder and kill the blue-haired caveman, then walk off the left side of the ledge to reach the woman, and from there he can go left to get some extra items.

Now have Olaf go back down to the lower of the two fire-spitting statues, which is not spitting fire anymore. Have Olaf stand close to the mouth, then have Erik dash into the wall, then have Erik quickly climb up the ladder to safety. Have Baleog kill the blue-haired caveman. Then Erik should go get the red key.

You can go up to the other fire-spitting statue (which is also not spitting fire), and have Erik dash into it to break it down. This time a red dinosaur comes out. Have Baleog kill that, then have Erik dash again, this time revealing a giant steak.

Give Erik the red key if he doesn't have it, then have him jump over the volcano and use the key to drain the it.

Now the vikings can all go into the volcano. When you go down the ladder, you can go through the left wall to reach the room with the giant steak and the two cavemen.

Have Baleog go down and kill the blue-haired caveman down below. He can get the vegetable afterward. Then have Olaf go up in a bubble, and raise his shield. There are three places where fireballs will fall from the ceiling. Have Olaf stand under the nearest one, then have the other two vikings go past him to the next safe spot.

Once you make your way to the large block, have anyone but Olaf push the block. Then have all the vikings go to the left and down the ladder and into the dimensional portal.

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