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World 4, Level 8

After bombing their way to the exit, the vikings must use an elevator to find the next exit.

Reach the Exit

Have Erik go up the elevator to the top. Have him jump up into the vent to get the torch. Have him go back down to the bottom on the elevator. Have him use the torch on the pilot light to the left of the incinerator. Now have him go up the ladder and go past the crushers, jump over the pit, and get in the crane to put the metal block into the machine. It will create tools, but you might not be able to see them because of a graphics glitch. Get the tools, then have all three vikings go up the elevator. Use the tools on the broken purple machine. It will open the floor.

Have Baleog go down and shoot the blade robot three times to kill it. Then have Olaf go down the vent and block the gun robot. Have Baleog walk past the gun robot to get the fire arrows, then use the fire arrows and have Baleog kill the robot. The two of them can go to the right to block another gun robot and kill it with fire arrows to get a steak.

Then go back up the vent and have Baleog go to the right and shoot the blade robot.

Up above, there is a flying robot that drops spiked balls. You can send Olaf up with his shield raised, but it will still be a bit difficult to avoid the falling objects because of how low the robot flies. But try to get the Omega Bomb in the corner and use it to kill the flying monster.

Next, send Baleog up to go onto the moving platform where he can shoot the chain and make the metal block fall on the plunger to open the door. Then have Olaf get the tomato and raise his shield. Baleog can land on the shield then go to the left and kill the blade robot. Then he can go farther left and get meat and a key.

Now go back to the elevator, go down, and have Baleog shoot the incinerator to break it. You can now use the blue key to open the exit and go to the warp vortex.

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