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World 2, Level 5

After getting past more blue-haired cavemen in an underground area, the vikings reach a new cavern.

Reach the Exit

Send Olaf and Baleog to the right to deal with a snail. Then have Erik go to the right and get the tomato and dash into the wall.

If there is a blue-haired caveman down below, you should try to get him to go to the left as far as possible by having a viking on the upper level following the caveman. This will get the caveman off of the screen so that Olaf can go down and block the flames without having to deal with the caveman.

When Olaf is down there blocking the flames, you can have Erik try to jump and get the shield up above.

After that, have Baleog go to the left and kill the blue-haired caveman. Then send Erik to the left as well, so that Olaf doesn't need to block the flames anymore. Have Olaf go left and block the blue-haired caveman, and have Baleog kill it. Then get the red key and use it on the keyhole to the left, then have Baleog kill the two blue-haired cavemen on that side.

Have Erik go to the left and dash into the wall, then send Olaf down until he encounters a blue dinosaur. Have Baleog kill the dinosaur, then have Olaf go to the right and block the snail, and have Baleog kill it.

Next, have Olaf get into a bubble, and have him go to the left when he can. He should go all the way to the left, where there is a breakable wall and a flame-spitting statue. Send Erik up a bubble to dash into that wall, then have Olaf get the yellow key. Give Erik the key, then have Erik go down the ladder and jump over the stalagmites and use the yellow key on the keyhole. Then he should get the blue key and go into a bubble. Have him go to the right when possible, then go down the first ladder. Have him use the blue key on the keyhole, then go down the ladder. Don't dash into the wall yet! Instead, have Olaf go to where Erik is. Then Erik can dash into the wall, and Olaf can put up his shield and stand where the wall was. This will block the piece of wood from falling all the way, allowing you to collect the Omega Bomb. Go ahead and use it to kill the blue-haired guy, because he's the last enemy on the path to the exit.

Now send everyone to where the blue-haired caveman was, and go up the ladder to reach the exit.

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