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World 5, Level 1

After escaping the industrial age, the vikings find themselves in a strange world full of candy.

Reach the Exit

Have Olaf inflate and go to the ledge with the monster. Have him block the musical note attacks. Then have Baleog join him and kill the monster.

Wait until you see the moving platform come from the top of the screen, then have Olaf raise his shield, then inflate and carefully go up to the area above the moving platform. Have Olaf deflate after getting the key, then quickly get off hte moving platform because if he stays on, it will impale him up above.

Next, Olaf should inflate and go up to the upper-right, where he can use the key that he just got to unlock the keyhole and get the next key.

Then Olaf can go to the bottom-right and use the they that he just got to open the door. Then he should use the inflater to go up past the first platform, then to the right to reach the next platform with an inflater on it. He should use it to go to the upper-left gap in the ceiling and flip the switch there. Then he should float back down to the inflater and use it it when the moving platform is going back up. Then he can land on that platform and ride it up to get the yellow key. It is safe for him to stay on the moving platform. It won't crush him. Then he should float to the bottom-right, but he can optionally get the bomb from up above if you wish.

He should use the yellow key on the keyhole then use the inflater to go past the corridor of spikes.

Now Baleog should join Olaf, going through that corridor of spikes, then use the inflater right after to go to where the red keyhole is. Baleog can shoot the flamethrowers. Baleog should go to the left and wait for the musical note guy to come to him, then quickly kill him with the sword. Then he can get the red key to the left and use it on the keyhole to the right.

Olaf should go get the bomb on the bottom right of this area if he didn't get the bomb from the previous area. Erik will have to take it up and use it on the wall up above. He will need to carefully jump away from the bomb so he doesn't get hurt, but don't jump too high or he will be impaled.

Then when the wall is gone, have Erik go left, then stand to the right of the inflater, use it, and quickly go to the right while floating, so he can reach the gap with the button. Press the button, then deflate and go down to get the blue key. Then he can go to the right, using the platforms to reach the exit in the top-right corner, using the key to unlock it. Then the vikings can all go to the exit.

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