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World 3, Level 2

After the vikings get into a pyramid, they venture farther in.

Reach the Exit

Have Olaf stand next to the wall on the left, then have Erik dash into the wall. Then Baleog can come and kill the spear guy.

Have Baleog go to the left. Some of the floor is made of smaller tiles. These tiles will disappear when you press the button. Baleog will have to shoot the button with his arrow so you don't fall onto the spikes below.

After shooting the button, have Olaf go down and block the flame-spitting statue on the left. Baleog will need to go to the right to kill some spear guys. Then Baleog and Erik should go all the way to the right, where there is another button to push. Once Baleog and Erik are near that button, Olaf can go to the right as well.

Make sure none of the vikings is standing above a spike trap, then press the button. There is a spear guy down there, so send Baleog to kill him. Erik can go to the left to get the vegetable, then he should go as far left as possible, so that he is standing between the two spike traps. Then Baleog needs to go to the left to shoot an arrow at the button. Quickly switch to Erik and have him jump past where the wall was. He needs to flip the switch to create a bridge. Once the bridge is there, have Olaf go to the left and press the button again, then raise his shield and stand where the wall was. A new wall will slide down, but Olaf's shield will block it, and Baleog can go past.

Now have Baleog go partway down the ladder. There is a hidden passage in the wall to the right, next to the ladder. Baleog should go into there and shoot arrows to kill the spear guy. Then Erik can go into the hidden passage and go to the right, bashing the wall with a dash attack. This creates a shortcut to the exit.

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