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World 6, Level 1

After escaping from Whacky World, the vikings find themselves back in Tomator's ship.

Reach the Exit

Olaf should raise his shield and go to the right, floating down to avoid the lasers. Get the bomb at the bottom and then use the teleporter. When Olaf gets close to the laser below, he should drop the bomb and go to the left. If you didn't drop the bomb in time, just use the teleporter to try again. Then when the computer blows up and the floor opens, he should float down below and get the blue key then use the teleporter. Then he should use the blue key to create a floor.

Now Olaf should get on the elevator and face the left, and Baleog should also stand on the elevator. At the bottom, Baleog should shoot left to kill the floating blue thing. One of the vikings should pick up the omega bomb.

Erik should go to the right, jumping over the gaps to reach an area of springs. He should go right along the springs, then get the bomb to the right and grab hold of the ladder on the right, going down until he can see the target down below.

Now Baleog should go to the right, past the teleporter, and shoot an arrow through the gap, and you should switch to Erik so the arrow will continue to be onscreen. It will hit the target. Then Erik can go down and get the yellow key.

Next, Erik has to go up the ladder and ride the moving platforms on the left to reach the yellow keyhole. Use the yellow key, then carefully wait for the lasers to turn off one by one so you can go to the left. Use the bomb on the bricks on the left, then fall down the hole before you can get hurt by the bomb. Erik can press the button near the spring that he falls on, turning off the laser. Then he can use the nearby teleporter and he will end up in a room with a bomb. Get the bomb, then jump up to the right to go through the hole in the wall. This will take him to another teleporter. Have him use this teleporter.

Now Olaf should go up the elevator, and Olaf should float to the right. Then he can float down past where the bricks were. He should float to the left at the bottom to avoid falling on the laser. Then he should go left, carefully avoiding the lasers that turn off and on in sequence. There is enough room for him to hide between each pair of lasers and wait for the next one to turn off. On the left he should float down, but don't get the vegetables, because you will run out of room to get the key. Then at the bottom, use the teleporter.

Baleog should still be where he was when he shot through the gap to hit the target near Erik. He should use the teleporter nearby. Then he should go left and up the elevator, carefully going up and down while between each pair of lasers, to shoot the two targets in the walls. Once he has shot both, he can go up to the top and go through the door that opeened. He should go to the right and wait there.

Now have Olaf give the red key to Erik and have Erik wait for there to be no moving platforms on the right. Then he should jump cross and use the red key on the keyhole. Then he should wait for the moving platforms and jump on the one on the right, and then when he can, he should fall down to the platform on the left to avoid the laser. Then as soon as possible he should jump onto the platform on the right to avoid the next laser. Then he needs to carefully jump to where the wall is, and bomb it. Then he can jump to the right and stand in the teleporter. Switch to Baleog and have him shoot, then switch to Erik so the arrow will go to the neraby target. Then Erik should use the teleporter up here.

Have Olaf raise his shield and have Erik jump onto it to reach the antigravity field above. He should go up and get the blue key, then use the teleporter. He should jump to the right again, and now use the blue key on the keyhole. Then he can go to the right and carefully use the spring to reach the exit.

Olaf will have to raise his shield and go on one of the moving platforms on the left, letting it take him up for a moment before floating to the right. Then he can use the spring just as Erik did to reach the exit.

Baleog will have to come back down the elevator past the lasers and do the same as Olaf did, but without the ability to float. Then he can join the other vikings at the exit.

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