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World 5, Level 4

The vikings must contend with monster mouths spitting eight-balls at them as they try to exit.

Reach the Exit

Erik will have to jump to the right and do a series of well-timed jumps from springs. He should carefully make his way to the right on the springs, then carefully get on the conveyor belt and jump up the series of springs. But he will have to avoid the 8-balls that the monster above is spitting out. He must get onto the conveyor belt that the monster is spitting at, then quickly jump left to get on the next spring. Have him hold the jump button so he will jump high on the next spring, enabling him to jump over the spikes on the left and get on the conveyor belt. There will be some collapsing platforms to the left. Get on the first one, then fall down below to the next one, then jump to the right to land on the next one, and jump to the right to get on the final one that has the red key. There is a conveyor belt below, so land on it, and carefully jump left onto the next conveyor belt. Jump left over the next set of spikes, and finally jump left, but don't use the teleporter yet.

Olaf should raise his shield an go to the right. Go left as soon as possible to avoid the spikes, then as soon as you can safely go right, push right until you go between some spikes and fall down to an inflater below. Use the inflater and go to the right, then avoid the next set of ceiling spikes but push right as soon as you can, and keep pushing right until you deflate and land near another inflater. Use it and push right, then deflate and float right, between two sets of spikes, getting an omega bomb on the way as you float right to reach some springs. Spring up (lower your shield to go more quickly) and get the yellow key up above, then spring up to the right, lower your shield and use the teleporter. You will block a musical note guy.

Baleog should get on the moving platform on the left and shoot the target on the left to break down the wall. Then Baleog should go to the springs to the left and go up. Go quickly to the right and start shooting the musical note guys while Baleog is on the slope so that their notes can't hit him. Send Baleog to the right, up the springs. He should rush to the left on the first conveyor belt and swing the sword quickly to kill the musical note guy. Do the same on the next conveyor belt. Finally, have Baleog get on the moving platform and shoot the three targets. Baleog should go to the left and get the key, then use the transporter. Baleog should kill the musical note guy if Olaf didn't use the omega bomb to do it.

Now Erik can use the teleporter and all three vikings can use their respective keys to open the door to the exit.

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