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World 3, Level 5

The vikings must get past another pit of spikes and deal with some mummies to escape.

Reach the Exit

Have Baleog go down the ladder and wait for the mummy to go to the left. Then Baleog can go the rest of the way down and kill the mummy, allowing Erik to come down and get the vegetable.

Olaf should go to the right and block the snake to the left of the waterfall. Then Baleog can come over and kill the snake when it pops up. After that, Erik can jump and get the nearby bomb.

Now have Erik dash into the wall to the right. Erik will need to jump into the pit to the right to get the red key, but make sure he jumps out of the pit before the moving platform crushes him. Then he can jump onto the moving platform to get the tomato, but don't leave Erik standing on the platform, because it will push him up onto the spikes.

Next, Olaf should stand next to the door with the red keyhole, and Erik should unlock that door with the red key that he just got. Then Baleog can come up on the moving platform to kill the mummy. Then Baleog should go to the right to kill the second mummy.

There is a secret ladder to the left of the next breakable wall. You can press down to go down that secret ladder, about halfway between the two mummy sarcophagi in this area. Don't let your vikings stand near the ladder. There are two snakes down there, but there is also a fire arrow and a vegetable. You can send Erik down to quickly grab the items then jump back up the ladder. He will get hit with at least one snake pellet, though, and any vikings standing at the top of the ladder will probably also get hit.

Have Olaf stand next to the breakable wall, and have Erik dash into it. Baleog can use a single fire arrow to kill the mummy if you were able to get it from the secret room mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Now have Olaf go to the left, all the way back to where you started. Have him climb down that ladder at the far left, where Baleog killed a mummy (if that mummy is still there, you'll have to have someone kill it first). After Olaf goes down that ladder, he should carefully float to the right, from ladder to ladder, avoiding the green drips from certain parts of the ceiling. Eventually you find a ladder that goes farther up. Go up that ladder to find a blue key. Go back down and keep floating to the right until you reach a blue keyhole. Use it to unlock the exit door.

Now send Baleog and Erik to the right and down. If Erik doesn't have a bomb, Baleog will need to carefully fall to the ledge below to kill the mummy. There is another mummy below that, so Baleog will again have to carefully fall down below and kill it. Then he and Erik can go down the ladder to reach Olaf at the exit.

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