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World 6, Level 2

The vikings must contend with lasers and antigravity fields to go further into Tomator's spaceship.

Reach the Exit

Baleog should use the transporter and shoot an arrow at the button past the laser. Then Erik should go to the left and get the two bombs. Then he should go down below, go past the lasers, and use the bomb on the bricks.

Olaf should go down below to block the blue monster. Try to force the monster to the left, into the teleporter, to prevent it from flying past Olaf. Then Baleog should join Olaf and kill the blue monster. Then Olaf should use the teleporter, then walk off to the left to reach the lower floor next to another teleporter, and raise his shield. Then Baleog should use the teleporter, walk off the left, and land on Olaf's shield, then shoot the target.

Then Erik should use the teleporter and jump to the upper teleporter on the left, and use it.

Baleog should walk to the left to get in the teleporter, and Olaf should float to the right, avoiding the lasers and landing on the spring at the bottom. He should float to the right to get the red key. Then he should continue floating right and land where there is a button. Press the button then use the teleporter.

Erik can now go to the left. He should jump over the laser and drop his bomb onto the bricks below the laser. After the bomb explodes, he should use the teleporter.

From there, Erik should get the bomb from on top of the teleporter, then jump up and then fall into the antigravity field on the left. He should have enough downward momentum to reach the floor. Then he should go to the right, where there is a computer. Use the bomb on the computer, then go up the antigravity field when it explodes. Go to the right, jump, and fall into the antigravity field on the right. He should go far enough down to go to the left when he reaches the bottom. Now he needs to carefully go to the left, using his bouncing motion to avoid hitting the lasers at the top and the falling fireballs. When he is all the way to the left, he should float to the top, then float right while avoiding the fireballs and sequential lasers, getting the yellow key on the way. He should go to the right, but start going to the left when you pass the ledge, so that Erik will not hit the laser in the ceiling. Then when Erik makes it to the left, he needs to stay on the far left to avoid hitting the laser in the ceiling. Then he can float right and use the teleporter.

Baleog should use the teleporter and fall down the hole to the left, landing on a spring. then he should jump from spring to spring on the right, and he should change the switches so the middle one is up, and the right one is up. Then he should jump off onto the teleporter on the right, and use it.

Then he should go down the ladder, get on the moving platform, and shoot the target in the wall in the left. Then he should go to the left, down the ladder, and carefully try to kill the floating blue thing. He can shoot an arrow while the blue monster is floating away, then climb up the ladder when the blue monster is coming toward him. Then he should go down the next ladder and do the same thing. Then he can go down the next ladder and get the blue key, then use the teleporter at the end.

Now Olaf should raise his shield and Erik should jump onto it, then carefully jump up to the red button and press it. Then the three vikings can use their respective keys to open the door to the exit.

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