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World 2, Level 3

After floating through some burning hot coals, the vikings continue exploring the prehistoric era.

Reach the Exit

Have Erik go to the right and dash into the wall to reveal a hidden giant steak.

Have Olaf climb the ladder near the start, and have Baleog kill the snail. Then have Olaf go to the right so that Baleog can kill the blue-haired caveman. Then go down and have Baleog kill the other snail.

Have Olaf go to the right to reach the lower ledge, then go up the ladder and block the blue-haired caveman. Send Baleog up there to kill the caveman. Then have them go up the next two ladders so Baleog can kill the snail and blue-haired caveman up at the top. Then have them go to the left and kill the caveman there.

Now have Erik go to the upper level where Baleog just killed the bad guys, and have Erik keep going left along the upper platforms. He will find an Omega Bomb, a piece of meat, and an old man who tells you a hint. You can also get a vegetable in the trees to the right.

Have Erik go to the waterfall and go to the bottom. He can jump over the water at the bottom of the waterfall, so have him do that. Then have him climb up to find the blue key. The jump up to the key can be kind of difficult, but Olaf can't reach this area, so Erik will have to make the jump himself. There is a secret shield on top of the waterfall that Erik can reach from this area. After Erik gets the key, have him go use it on the keyhole next to the bridge. Then have the vikings go to the bottom-right of the area to reach the exit.

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