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World 3, Level 1

After escaping the prehistoric era, the vikings find themselves in ancient Egypt.

Reach the Exit

Have Baleog go to the right and climb up the palm tree, then shoot to the right to hit the coconuts. They will fall into the quicksand, creating a bridge. Have Olaf go to the right side of the quicksand and raise his shield. There is a scorpion on this side, but it shoots pellets in an arc, so having Olaf raise his shield should block all of the pellets. When the scorpion gets close enough, Baleog can shoot at it from the left side of the quicksand. Then have Baleog climb the palm tree and walk off the right side to land on the coconuts.

Erik can go to the right side of the quicksand and climb up the trees to collect some items.

To the right, you find another quicksand pit, so have Baleog climb the palm tree and shoot the coconuts so you can get across. Then have Olaf go onto those coconuts, where he can block the pellets from a scorpion on the right side. Have Baleog shoot the scorpion to kill it.

Now Erik can climb the tree and jump to get the red key. After that, have Baleog shoot the next bunch of coconuts. It's safe for all three vikings to go across afterward.

If one of the vikings climbs the tall tree, he can go to the right to get the piece of meat on the ledge.

Now have Olaf stand guard in front of the door, and have Erik use the red key to open the door. Baleog can kill the spear guy. He might need to walk past Olaf and swing his sword to prevent the spear guy from jumping over Olaf and hurting him.

Now have Baleog go into the pyramid and go up the ladder to kill the two spear guys. Olaf isn't much help against them because they jump. If the spear guys jump over Baleog, have Baleog walk under them to prevent them from stabbing him in the back.

Once the spear guys are dead, have Baleog go down the ladder, and have Erik go up the ladder. Have Olaf stand under the chute and raise his shield. Then Erik can push the stone onto Olaf's shield. Erik should fall down onto the stone and wait for a flame to go past. Once it does, Erik should jump up and get the key, then go back down onto the stone and wait for another flame to go past so he can jump up and go down the ladder. Then he can use the key on the keyhole and all three vikings can exit.

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