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World 4, Level 4

After gathering machine parts to create a battery, the vikings must escape more high-tech traps.

Reach the Exit

Have Olaf raise his shield and have Baleog stand under it.

Erik will have to carefully jump across the brick platforms. Unfortunately, these platforms will crumble after Erik stands on them, so he will have to be quick. To make matters worse, there is a flying monster to the right.

After Erik makes it across, he should go down to the lower level and jump on the beams to the right so that he can still see the button at the upper-right. Switch to Baleog and have him shoot an arrow, then when the arrow is near the right side of the screen, switch to Erik so that the arrow keeps going to the right, where it will hit the switch. This will create a platform over the spikes.

Then have Erik fall down the shaft on the right. There is a spring at the bottom, so he won't be hurt when he lands. From there, he needs to jump up along the moving platforms. At the top, get the red key, then carefully make your way down and to the left, where there is a shaft leading to a spring at the bottom.

Get off the spring and go to the left, and use the red key on the lock.

Have Olaf get the bomb, then go down the ladder and block the gun monster. Then have Baleog go down the ladder and walk past the gun monster. Have Baleog go to the right side and shoot the switch.

Now Olaf should stay where he is, blocking the gun monster. Put Baleog on the elevator and send it down. There will be a gap in the right wall as you go, so have Baleog shoot the bricks through the gap, moving the elevator up and down as necessary.

When Baleog has shot all of the bricks, let the elevator go down to the next stop, but have Baleog stay on the left side of the elevator. Have Baleog shoot arrows to kill the blade monster. Then he should go to the right and climb up the pipe to get the fire arrows. Make sure that he uses them. Then have him go to the right and shoot through the gap to get rid of the bricks.

Have Baleog go up the elevator and kill the gun robot with his fire arrows that you got down below, then have Olaf go up the ladder. Olaf should raise his shield and go to the right, then fall down the hole at the end. Then have him go to the left and float downward while avoiding the spikes. There will be a flying monster at the end. Have Olaf put his shield down. He can slowly push the flying monster toward the left. Then have Olaf fall down below while raising his shield to avoid the flying monster's weapons. Olaf should then press the button to deactivate the laser that is blocking the elevator. He can then float down below and join Erik at the exit.

Switch to Baleog and go down the elevator to join the other vikings at the exit.

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