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World 3, Level 3

In the depths of the pyramid, the vikings discover a variety of deadly traps.

Reach the Exit

Have Olaf raise his shield and float to the left, landing at the switch. Have him flip the switch to make some supports appear over the spike trap. Then have Baleog shoot the switch across the spike trap, or have Erik jump over there and push it.

Next, have Baleog cross the new bridge. Erik needs to jump to the right to flip the switch, making the platform rise and fall. Baleog should ride the platform down, where he can talk to the Egyptian guy. Then have Baleog go down the ladders and kill the spear guy down there.

Meanwhile, Olaf is still standing at that switch that he flipped earlier, so he should go to the left, raise his shield, and fall down the chute. Don't let the green stuff land on him, though! His shield can't actually block it, so if it drips on him, it will kill him. He can just float side to side to avoid the drips.

Once Olaf lands, he should go to the right, where Baleog is waiting. Have Erik go down the moving platform to join the other two vikings. He can dash into the wall on the right to reveal a clue: Up, Down, Up.

Now, only Erik can go up to the upper parts of this level, so have him go up the ladders and jump onto the moving platform. Then he can jump up onto the ledge, but beware: stones are falling from above. However, it is easy to avoid them if he stands under the hieroglyphs in the ceiling. If he stands under the grey stones instead, he will be in the path of a falling stone.

Have him stand under the hieroglyphs between the leftmost falling stones. Then have him dash to the left to break a secret wall. While the wall is breaking, go up the ladder and dash into the wall on the left. The sign says that he will die if he breaks down the wall on the right, and it's true. If you break down that wall, a rolling boulder will kill Erik.

After breaking the left wall, get the red key. Then go back down the ladder and go down the secret passage that you revealed. Be careful of the spear guy, and go all the way to the left and jump to the ladder. Climb all the way up and go all the way to the right to get a giant steak and an Omega Bomb. Go to the left and go back down the ladder, then use the Omega Bomb to kill the spear guy. From there, go all the way to the right and dash into the right wall to reveal a shortcut back to the spike trap you put a bridge over at the start of the game.

From there, you can ride the moving platform down, then go down the ladder, then go to the left and use the red key on the keyhole. Flip the leftmost lever and the rightmost lever, then press the button to open the door to the exit. (If you use the wrong combination, a stone will fall on you.) Now all three vikings can leave.

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