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World 3, Level 6

After getting past mummies, acid drips, and floor spikes, the vikings near the next dimensional portal.

Reach the Exit

There is a spear guy hopping around near the entrance, so have Baleog kill him. Then Baleog should go to the right, go up the ladder, and kill this spear guy.

Erik should go up that ladder, then jump up into the wall on the right. Have him go as far right in the wall as he can, then go down the ladder to get the giant steak. He can then go up the ladder and go to the left to return to where he was.

Now each viking should climb the short ladder and walk onto the spinning platform, but the viking has to go to the left to get off of the platform as soon as possible, because otherwise the platform will push him onto the ceiling spikes.

When all the vikings are safely on the left side, Olaf should go up the ladder on the left and then float onto the moving platform, and from there he should float off the left side to get into that vertical shaft on the left. He will get a tomato as he floats down. Then at the bottom, carefully position him so that he will get the red key without falling into the spike trap. Afterward, have him press the button to escape this shaft.

Next, Baleog should ride that moving platform, but he should quickly get off on the right side when possible, because otherwise he will be pushed into the ceiling spikes. Once there, he should kill the spear guy. Then he should go to the right to kill a second spear guy.

Now Olaf should go to the right and use his red key on the keyhole. This allows you to use the elevator. Put all three vikings on the elevator and make the elevator go down. Baleog will need to kill a bunch of mummies in this area. When the coast is clear, have Erik go to the top of this area to get the blue key and a vegetable.

Now everyone should go back up the elevator. Send the elevator all the way up, and have Erik use the blue key.

Have Olaf go left and down the ladder to block the spear guy, then have Baleog kill that spear guy.

Erik is the only one who can jump to reach the upper ladder, so have him go up that ladder. Then he needs to fall into the pit to the left. Unfortunately, he will have to play a game of Tetris, where giant blocks fall from the ceiling. If he is under one of the blocks, he will die. The blocks will only go four blocks tall, so if you can get on top of a stack of four blocks, you'll be safe. Wait for the pit to be entirely filled in. Then go to the block on the left, and push it to the left so that it falls down the shaft. Now Erik should go back the way he came, down the ladder, or if he has more than one hit point, he can just fall down the shaft and take the one HP damage.

Then all the vikings can go to the left to reach the exit.

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