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World 4, Level 5

After Olaf's descent down a spiked pit, the vikings must destroy a strange machine.

Reach the Exit

Have Erik climb up the ladder and go to the right, jumping over the strange machine. Have him quickly go past the crusher to get the bomb, then go back to the left. When he jumps over the machine, have him drop the bomb on the machine to destroy it.

Next, have Erik go on the spring and press the jump button to go high enough to reach the ledge. From the ledge, have him jump to the upper spring. When he starts bouncing upward on that upper spring, have him go to the right. If you do it correctly, he will go through the wall on the right, where he can get a tomato and an Omega Bomb. Have him go left and use the Omega Bomb to kill the blade robot and pick up the three bombs.

Have the three vikings carefully go right on the conveyor belt, avoiding the crusher. On the other side, have Olaf get on the right side of the see-saw and have Erik jump on the left side to make Olaf go up. Have him land on the moving platform and turn to face the left side. Then have Baleog stand on the right side of the see-saw and have Erik jump on the left so that Baleog can join Olaf on the moving platform. Have Baleog shoot the two switches in the right wall, then have him go back to the lower level, followed by Olaf, who needs to go to the right and protect the vikings from the gun robot below.

Once Olaf is blocking the gun monter, have Erik walk past the gun robot and get the bomb. Then have Baleog stand on the left side of the see-saw, and have Erik jump onto the right side. When Erik is launched up, have him jump onto the moving platform. Be careful to avoid the gun at the top, and jump up to the ledge above. Have Erik jump over the machine and drop a bomb on it. Afterward, have him carefully get back on the moving platform (start going toward it as soon as you see it) then land on the raised side of the see-saw.

All three vikings need to go up the elevator. You can use a bomb to kill the gun robot, or just walk past it between bullets. Have Erik and Baleog stand on the elevator, and have Olaf walk past the gun robot (make sure to start walking right after the robot shoots a bullet) and go to the elevator. The robot will go away from Olaf, so he won't be in danger of getting shot. Then have the three vikings go up the elevator.

Go carefully to the left past the crushers, and use a bomb on the grey blocks. Have Olaf jump on the spring to get up on the moving platform, then have Baleog do the same. Baleog needs to shoot the two switches on the left to open the door to the exit. Then all three vikings can go up the moving platform to reach the exit.

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