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World 5, Level 3

Erik must help the other vikings cross bridges by flipping the correct sequence of switches.

Reach the Exit

Have Erik jump onto the spring on the right, then use the springs to go up to the three switches. Turn the left and right switches on, leaving the middle off. This makes two platforms appear above.

Have Olaf go up the springs to the left and walk onto the far right platform over the spikes. Then have Erik turn off the left switch. This makes three platforms to the right. Olaf should go to the right.

Olaf can try to float to the tomato, but he should fall as soon as he can in order to block the musical note guy. Then Baleog should join Olaf and kill the musical note guy. They can get the two bombs from up here.

After that, Olaf and Baleog can go to the right.

Meanwhile, Erik should wait for the moving platform to appear on the right, then go onto it. Then he should carefully go onto the four-square platform in the middle. He will get a blue key. Then he should jump up to the right to reach the next set of switches. He should turn on the left and the right switches, but this time, he should stand in the middle.

Have Olaf walk to the middle of the bridge and raise his shield to block the crushing fist. Then Baleog can stand under Olaf's shield. Then Erik should turn on the middle switch (so all three switches are on) allowing Baleog, then Olaf, to go to the right.

Whoever has the bombs should go to the right. Plant the bomb on the four blocks, then walk onto the platform on the right. Olaf should float down and press the button. Then he needs to float to the right to avoid getting impaled.

Baleog should be on the newly moving platform that Olaf activated by floating down and pressing the button. He should go to the right to reach those switches. Turn the middle and right switches on, then Erik should go onto the rightmost platform. Next, turn off the rightmost switch. Erik should proceed to the right. Then turn on the leftmost switch and Erik can go all the way to the right. He should take the monster elevator down to where Baleog is, and Baleog should get on the elevator. Then the vikings should go down one more level and get Olaf. He should float to the right, avoidng the lasers as he goes down, and get the red key below. then he can go to the left and press the button to remove the wall.

Give both keys to Olaf and have him raise his shield and float up in a bubble to the keyholes. Have him use a key, then select the other key in his inventory and use it. Then all three vikings can ride the bubbles up to the exit.

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