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World 4, Level 1

After escaping from ancient Egypt, the vikings find themselves in a modern factory.

Reach the Exit

Have Olaf go to the right and raise his shield to block the small, fast pounder. He can't block the large, slow pounder, so have Erik and Baleog carefully go past the large, slow pounder. Then Olaf can go past it as well, and he can block the second small, fast pounder, allowing Erik and Baleog to walk past.

There are two vents in the ceiling to the right, and Erik can jump up into them and press up to climb the ladders inside. At the top of the left vent, he will find an Omega Bomb. At the top of the right vent, he will find a regular bomb.

Have Baleog go right and shoot the button. This deactivates the large pounder.

Have Olaf go down the ladder and raise his shield, then have Erik go down the ladder and jump onto the moving platform. Have him go all the way up until you see a spinning blade monster. Don't have Erik use the Omega Bomb. Instead, just have Erik carefully jump over the monster. Once Erik is up there, have him press the button to stop the large pounder. Then Erik can go into the vent on the right, climb up it, and go to the left to find a flying monster dropping some spiked balls. If Erik did not use the Omega Bomb earlier, he can use it now. Get the fire arrows in this room, then go back to where Olaf is waiting. Have Erik give Baleog the fire arrows, and have Baleog use them.

Now have Baleog go partway down the ladder and walk to the left into the vent. Follow the vent to the left, where you find more spinning blade monsters. Have Baleog use the fire arrows on them, and then he can get the tomato. Then have him go to the left and go up this vent. He will need to go to the right and kill the blade monsters there.

Now have Erik go into these vents and get the Omega Bomb at the upper left. Then Erik should go to the right and use his normal bomb on the blocks on top of the ladder. From there, he can use the Omega Bomb to kill the gun monster, then go up and get the red key. Erik and Baleog should go back through the vent system to the ladder on the right side of the area.

Next, Baleog should go down the ladder, and he should shoot the switch to the left of the large pounder.

Now all three vikings should go to the left. There is no way to stop the small pounders, so Erik and Baleog will just have to be careful, while Olaf can raise his shield to stay safe. Once all the vikings are at the bottom left of the area, use the red key to open the exit, then all three vikings can exit.

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