Victory in Peril - Quest Guide

Ghimthota wants you to keep an eye on the suspicious pirates.


This quest is only available if you started the game in Limsa Lominsa, you have completed the quest Do Angry Pirates Dream, and have reached level 14.

Starting the Quest

To start the quest, talk to Ghimthota near the Moraby Drydocks aetheryte in Lower La Noscea.

Speak with a Guard

There are two guards, one at the north gate and one at the south gate of Moraby Drydocks. Talk to whichever one you prefer.

Find the Shifty-Eyed Sailor

The next destination is west of Moraby Drydocks. It's outside of the gates. If you talked to C'nangho at the south gate, go west, then north, and finally northeast up the hill. If you talked to Urswyrst at the north gate, go southeast and up the hill. Beware of the Wild Jackals in this area.

You will find the Shifty-Eyed Sailor standing on a parapet overlooking the Moraby Drydocks.

Report to Ghimthota

Go back down the hill and through one of the gates into the Moraby Drydocks, and go to Ghimthota. There is a glow around her, which means that another instanced battle is coming up.

Solo Duty: Victory in Peril

After the cutscene, the instanced battle will begin. This time, you have to make your way to the destination. It's to the north. If you find a line of red pentagons blocking your path, you're going the wrong way. When you see a blue wagon, go to the right, and you will find some Silent Lackeys. Defeat them, then go down the stairs. Two more Silent Lackeys will attack, but one of them is a healer (wielding a wooden cane), so target the healer first. If you target the other one instead, the healer will keep healing the enemy, making it difficult to proceed.

After you defeat them both, continue going east, and go up the stairs. You will find Ahtzapfyn the Absorbed, in front of a tied-up Ahtbyrm. Approach them and there will be another cutscene.

Afterward, you need to battle Ahtzapfyn, but some Silent Lackeys will soon appear. Target the healer (the one with the wooden cane), then when she's down, kill the other two Silent Lackeys. If Ahtzapfyn targets you, move him away from C'nangoh so that he's facing away from her, but stay near C'nangoh, because she will heal you.

Some Mamool Ja Mercenaries will start attacking Ghimthota, so after you kill the Silent Lackeys, start killing the Mamool Ja. After they are all dead, focus your attacks on Ahtzapfyn until he is defeated.

Speak with Ahtbyrm

After the battle, talk to Ahtbyrm.

Speak with Ghimthota

Go southwest and talk to Ghimthota to complete the quest.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After completing the quest, talk to Ghimthota to accept the next quest: Men of the Blue Tattoos.