Island Sanctuary: Rank 10 to 12 Guide

How to increase your Island Sanctuary Rank from 10 to 12.

How to Reach Rank 10

If you aren't already Rank 10, please read the Island Sanctuary Walkthrough for a guide to reach rank 10.

Rank 10

Learn a New Recipe if You Didn't Before

If you have completed "The Perfect Paradise" vision, you can talk to the Felicitous Furball in your cabin to learn the recipe for an Islekeep's Iron Hatchet if you have not already done so. Craft it to be able to gather new materials. If you don't see a quest icon above the Felicitous Furball, please check on the logboards of all your landmarks and facilities to make sure that they are fully completed. You can check the status of your landmarks and facilities via Manage Hideaway in the Islekeep's Index. If a landmark or facility says "Construction Complete", you need to check its logboard to fully finish the construction.

Craft the Islekeep's Iron Hatchet if You Didn't Before

If you have not already crafted the Islekeep's Iron Hatchet, the materials to craft it are as follows:

  • 3 Island Logs
  • 2 Island Iron Ore
  • 3 Island Quartz

Gather New Materials if You Didn't Before

After you craft the Islekeep's Iron Hatchet (see above), you can gather the following new materials. Be sure to gather at least one of each to unlock them in granary expeditions.

  • Island Beehive Chip (Island Apple Tree)
  • Island Coconut (Palm Tree)
  • Island Resin (Tualong Tree)
  • Island Wood Opal (Mahogany Tree)
  • Multicolored Isleblooms (on areas that you can only reach after your island is Rank 10 or above)

Rank 11

Buy New Seeds

At Rank 11, you can buy new seeds from the Produce Producer: Island Paprika Seeds and Island Leek Set.

Rank 12

Purchase New Items

You can now purchase the Island Alligator mount from the Horrendous Hoarder with Seafarer's Cowries, in the Exclusive Wares section, for 35000 Seafarer's Cowries.

In addition, you can purchase the Island Vacationer's glamour sets with from the Horrendous Hoarder with Seafarer's Cowries, in the Equipment and Materia section.

Start a New Quest

After you reach Rank 12 in your Island Sanctuary, you can talk to the Felicitous Furball in your cabin, then to the Curious Courier in front of your cabin to begin the new quest "A Far Eastern Yarn". Complete the quest to receive the Isle Shepherd's glamour set.