Party Finder: What It Is and How to Use It

The Party Finder allows players to recruit other players to their party, and to search for parties that are recruiting.

How to Unlock Party Finder

The Party Finder is unlocked by completing the level 15 Main Scenario Quest It's Probably Pirates.

Of the Parties Currently Recruiting, All Match Your Search Conditions

If you periodically see a message in your chat log that says "of the parties currently recruiting, all match your search conditions", you can turn this off by clicking the ⚙️ in the upper-right of the Party Finder and unchecking "Display advanced search results in log."

Finding Parties

Party Finder can be found in Main Menu > Party. Opening it will show you the parties that are recruiting in your Data Center. Click the arrows at the bottom and the refresh button in the bottom-right corner to make sure you are seeing the latest, full list of parties.

Data Center, World, or Private

The tabs along the top will allow you to filter the listings. Data Center shows parties recruiting in all Worlds on your Data Center. World shows only the parties recruiting in your World (a.k.a. server). Private shows parties that can only be joined by entering a password that was set by the party leader (see below for more information about Forming a Private Party).

Party Type

There are icons along the top of the Party Finder for each type of party. By default "All" is selected, but you can click one of the icons to view only the parties of the selected type. There is no guarantee that the party leader will actually register for the advertised duty, so join at your own risk. The party types are Duty Roulette, Dungeon, Guildhest, Trial, Raid, High-End Duty, PvP, Quest Battles, FATEs, Treasure Hunt, The Hunt, Gathering Forays, Deep Dungeons, Adventuring Forays, and Other.

Filtering and Sorting

To the right of the party type icons along the top of Party Finder, there is a filter button that allows you to restrict the list by Objective, Play Style, Conditions, Duty Finder Settings, and Loot Rule; and a sort button that allows you to switch between Ascending and Descending order.

Party Finder Display Settings

Click the ⚙️ in the upper-right of the Party Finder to open the display settings. You can choose whether to show locked duties (i.e. duties that you cannot participate in because you haven't unlocked them yet), and you can choose whether to show blacklisted recruiters.

Notification Settings

Notification settings allow you to be notified if there are any parties that match your most recent search results (see below for information about searching). That way, if you need to clear a particular duty that you don't want to use Duty Finder for, and there are no listings for it in Party Finder, you can search for it and be notified if someone starts recruiting for it. You can choose how often to be notified, and can choose not to display a notification if there are currently no matches.

If you haven't performed a search in Party Finder, you will receive notifications about all current listings unless you disable them (see "Of the Parties Currently Recruiting..." above.)

Searching for Parties

To the right of the filter, sort, and ⚙️ buttons, you will find the Advanced Search and Recruiter Name Search buttons.

Advanced Search allows you to search the Party Finder listings for a specific duty, a specific objective, the roles that are being recruited for, whether to restrict to your current World (a.k.a. server), and the conditions, settings, loot rules, and language.

If you know the name of the player whose party you wish to join, you can use Recruiter Name Search to search for their listing, if any.

Recruiting Members

To create a listing in the Party Finder, use the "Recruit Members" button in the bottom-left of the Party Finder to open the Recruitment Criteria window.

Normal, Alliance, or Custom Match (The Feast PvP)

The tabs at the top left of the Recruitment Criteria window allow you to create either a normal party, an alliance (three 8-person parties), or a custom match for The Feast PvP.


You can select the type of duty that you want to recruit for, and if applicable, the specific duty (i.e. dungeon, trial, etc.) that you want to recruit for.


Enter a description to let players know additional details about your plans.


You can choose to restrict the roles that you will permit to participate in the duty. This will prevent players with undesired roles from joining the party, but will not prevent them from changing classes after they join.

You can use the role icons to restrict each slot by role, or by specific classes, or to allow any class to fill that slot, or you can remove the slot entirely by clicking "none". You are required to have at least one other person in your party listing, however.

Below the role selection icons, you can check the "remove role restrictions" box to set all seven slots back to "free", or check "unselect classes" to set all seven slots to "any combat class".

You can choose One Player per Job to prevent players from joining if their class is the same as that of someone already in the party. This will not prevent them from changing classes after they join.

Search Area

On the right side of the Recruitment Criteria window, you can limit recruiting to World Server, which prevents players on other worlds from joining your party.

Forming a Private Party

You can form a private party by setting a password that is between one and four digits long (but it will automatically put 0s on the left if you use a number fewer than four digits). You may use the widget below to generate a random password for your party. (If you get 10000, use 0 as your password.)


You can prevent players from joining if they have not yet completed the specified duty. You can prevent players from joining if their gear does not meet your minimum requirement for average item level.

Duty Finder Settings

You can advertise the Duty Finder settings that you will be using. You need to manually select these settings in your Duty Finder in addition to selecting them in the Recruitment Criteria Window. Selecting them in the Recruitment Criteria window will not actually change them in your Duty Finder's settings.

Loot Rules

You can use normal loot rules, or force all players to roll Greed (which prevents them from passing on the loot even if they don't want it), or use Lootmaster so that you can manually award loot to the players of your choosing.


You can choose which languages you will advertise in your recruitment listing.