Grand Company Guide

This page explains how to join a Grand Company, how to rank up in your Grand Company, how to level up your Grand Company squadron, and more.

How to Join a Grand Company

After you complete the level 20 Main Scenario Quest A Hero in the Making, you will need to choose a Grand Company in order to proceed in the Main Scenario.

Deciding Which Grand Company to Join

Consider the following when making your decision:

  • You can change your Grand Company, but you will have to wait 15 days to switch again. The first change is free, and thereafter it will cost 50,000 gil. Switching away from a Grand Company does not cause you to be demoted in that Grand Company if you decide to switch back. You will lose access to the seals (currency) specific to that Grand Company, but the seals that you earned will still be there if you switch back.
  • Each Grand Company has purchaseable gear (such as uniforms) and items (such as banners and furniture) that are unique to that Grand Company.
  • You may find yourself going to your Grand Company headquarters frequently, so you may wish to choose a Grand Company that is in a city-state that you like or a location that you find convenient.

If you don't care which company you join, you can leave it up to chance by using the widget below to generate a random number between 1 and 3.
1 = Twin Adder, 2 = Immortal Flames, 3 = Maelstrom

Whichever way you reach your decision, do one of the following to choose your Grand Company:

Grand Company Selection Widget

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How to Earn Grand Company Seals

Grand Company Seals are a currency specific to your Grand Company, which you can use to rank up in the Grand Company, as well as purchase items from the Quartermaster. You can do the following to earn Grand Company Seals.

  • Participate in FATES
  • Deliver crafted and/or gathered items for the Provisioning and Supply Missions from the Personnel Officer
  • Do Grand Company Levequests
  • Do the Grand Company Hunting Logs
  • Expert Delivery (available when you reach the rank of Sergeant Second Class)

How to Rank Up in your Grand Company

Please see How to Rank Up in Your Grand Company for details.