Limit Break: What it Is and How to Use It

An explanation of Limit Break, an action that becomes available while in a party of four or more players.


Limit Break (known as LB for short) is a powerful action that can be used when in a party of four or more players. A Limit Break gauge will appear on your screen when you are in a large enough party. Generally speaking, this gauge fills during combat. DPS Limit Breaks will deal damage, Tank Limit Breaks will reduce damage taken by the party, and Healer Limit Breaks will restore party HP. The potency of the effect depends on how many of the Limit Break gauges have been filled.

How to Get a Limit Break Gauge

In order to have a Limit Break gauge on your screen, you need to be in a party of four or more players. The number of bars in the gauge depends on the number of players in the party and the nature of the combat or encounter.

A Light Party (four to seven players) will have at most two bars in the Limit Break gauge. A Full Party (eight players) will have at most three bars.

Limit Break Terminology

Limit Break is called LB for short. Using the Limit Break when only one gauge is full is known as LB1, using it when two gauges are full is LB2, and using it when three gauges are full is LB3. Each level of limit break has a different effect.

How to Fill the Limit Break Gauge

As stated above, the Limit Break gauge will fill automatically while you are in combat. In addition, certain actions in combat can add additional units to the gauge, such as using shields or defensive cooldowns to survive otherwise lethal damage, interrupting certain enemy attacks, and so on.

How to Use Limit Break

In the Main Menu, under Character > Actions & Traits, in the General section, you will find the Limit Break button. This can be dragged to your hotbar or added to your crossbar.

Another way to initiate Limit Break is to type /ac "Limit Break" <t> to use Limit Break on your current target, or /ac "Limit Break" <me> to use Limit Break on yourself (if applicable).

When to Use Limit Break

There are certain situations where the Limit Break should be used at specific times or by specific roles.

  • Players with DPS roles can use Limit Break as soon as all of the available gauges have filled. If this is done in dungeons, the gauge should regenerate quickly enough that it can be used once for each miniboss and once for the final boss. However, it is common (but not optimal) to avoid using the Limit Break until the dungeon's final boss is near death.
  • Some battles may require that the Tank use the Limit Break to shield the party from a powerful attack. Examples include Alexander: Soul of the Creator, and The Seat of Sacrifice.
  • Additionally, the healer LB3 will resurrect all players who have died and restore them to full health, so if you are in a party of eight and you are struggling with a battle, you may wish to reserve the Limit Break for the healers.
  • There are some situations where, if the party does not defeat a certain enemy before a certain amount of time has passed, the party will be defeated and have to start the battle over. If you are struggling to defeat such an enemy in time, you may need to have the DPS use the Limit Break on that enemy in order to proceed.

Being Asked to Use Limit Break

Players in your party may request that you or another player use the Limit Break at certain times in battle. For example, if you see "tank LB" in party chat, they are asking the tank to use the Limit Break.

Types of Limit Breaks

There are multiple types of Limit Break, depending on the job and role of the player who initiates the Limit Break. Additionally, the number of Limit Break gauges will determine which type of Limit Break is used. The table below lists currently avaiable Limit Breaks as of patch 5.58.

Role/Job Number of Full Limit Break Gauges Limit Break Name Effect
Melee DPS LB1 Braver Single Target Damage
LB2 Blade Dance Single Target Damage
LB3 Chimatsuri/Final Heaven/Doom of the Living/Dragonsong Dive Single Target Damage
Magical Ranged DPS LB1 Skyshard Multi-target damage with a radius of 8 yalms
LB2 Starstorm Multi-target damage with a radius of 10 yalms
LB3 Meteor/Teraflare/Vermillion Scourge Multi-target damage with a radius of 15 yalms
Physical Ranged DPS LB1 Big Shot Multi-target damage in a line
LB2 Desperado Multi-target damage in a line
LB3 Sagittarius Arrow/Satellite Beam/Crimson Lotus Multi-target damage in a line
Healer LB1 Healing Wind Restores 25% of HP of all party members within 30 yalms
LB2 Breath of the Earth Restores 60% of HP of all party members within 30 yalms
LB3 Pulse of Life/Angel Feathers/Astral Stasis Restores 100% of HP of all party members within 30 yalms, including players who are dead. Players resurrected by the healer LB3 will not have Weakness or Brink of Death debuffs, and will have 100% MP restored.
Tank LB1 Shield Wall Reduces damage taken by all party members by 20% for 10 seconds
LB2 Stronghold Reduces damage taken by all party members by 40% for 15 seconds
LB3 Last Bastion/Land Waker/Dark Force/Gunmetal Soul Reduces damage taken by all party members by 80% for 8 seconds