The glamour system allows you to change the appearance of your gear. This feature can be unlocked when you reach level 15.

Overview of the Glamour System

The glamour system allows you to change the appearance of your gear, using the appearance of other gear. You can unlock this feature at level 15.

How to Unlock Glamours

If you are level 15 or higher in any class, you can go to Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan and talk to Swyrgeim to start the "If I Had a Glamour" quest, or go to Mor Dhona and talk to Wiscard to start the "A Self-Improving Man" quest. When you have completed either of these quests, you will then be able to use the glamour system.

How to Glamour Your Gear

In order to cast glamours on your gear, you need:

  • A Glamour Prism. You can craft Glamour Prisms if you have purchased a "Master Crafter: Glamours" book from Tataroga in Mor Dhona or Goberin in Western Thanalan. Glamour Prisms can also be purchased from the market board, or purchased from various vendors (the Quartermaster of your Grand Company, the PvP vendor, bicolor gemstone vendors)
  • A piece of gear whose appearance you want to change
  • A piece of gear whose appearance you want to use
  • To be in a location where you are allowed to cast glamours, such as a city-state or sanctuary

Two Ways to Glamour

You can apply a glamour directly to your gear using a glamour prism, OR you can use a glamour dresser (available in the inns in Gridania, Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Kugane, and Ishgard). The glamour dresser allows you to spend one glamour prism to store an item, and you can then use its appearance unlimited times, without the need to spend any more glamour prisms.

Glamouring an Individual Item

To glamour an individual item, you can right-click the gear in your inventory whose appearance you want to change, then choose Cast Glamour. Choose the item on the right that you want your gear to look like, then click Cast. (You need to have a glamour prism in your inventory to be able to click Cast in this window.)

Using the Glamour Dresser

The inns in Gridania, Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Kugane, and Ishgard each contain a Glamour Dresser. You can spend a glamour prism to move a piece of gear into the Glamour Dresser. Items stored in the dresser will be displayed in the Glamour Dresser window. You can right-click an item in the Glamour Dresser to use it to cast a glamour, or you can click the Edit Glamour Plates button.

Glamour Plates

The Glamour Dresser has a feature called Glamour Plates. A Glamour Plate is a full outfit using items from your Glamour Dresser and Armoire. When you save an outfit to a Glamour Plate, you can click Apply to change the appearance of all of the gear that you currently have equipped.

Glamour Restrictions

There are some limitations to gear that can be used in glamours. If a piece of gear is greyed out in the Cast Glamour menu, or if there is a red X in the corner of an item in a glamour plate, it means that the item cannot be used to change the appearance of the gear currently equipped to that slot. This is either due to:

  • class restrictions (you cannot change a botanist's scythe to look like a warrior's axe, for example)
  • gender restrictions (some gear may only be used by male or female, and you cannot use the appearance of that gear if your character's gender doesn't match)
  • race restrictions (the gear that you start with is specific to your character's race, for example)
  • level restrictions (a piece of gear can be made to look like a different piece of gear only if the different piece of gear can be equipped at the same or lower level, e.g. you can make a level 1 item look like another level 1 item, but cannot make it look like a level 2 or higher item; a level 80 item can be made to look like an item that is level 80 or lower; etc.)
  • the gear itself is prohibited from being glamoured

Location Restrictions

Glamours can only be applied when you are in non-combat areas such as city-states and residential areas, and can also be applied in sanctuaries (places where there is a ☾ next to your EXP bar).

Unglamourable Gear

Certain pieces of gear cannot be glamoured. This is denoted by the glamour dresser icon in the corner of the gear's information window. If the glamour dresser icon is greyed out, that piece of gear cannot be glamoured.

Linking a Glamour Plate to a Gear Set

You can associate a gear set with a glamour plate so that it will be automatically applied when you switch to that gear set. When you open your Gear Set list (available in Main Menu > Character above your character's picture if you have unlocked Gear Sets), you can right-click a gear set and choose "Link to Glamour Plate". After you link a glamour plate to a gear set, that glamour plate's appearance will automatically be applied to your gear whenever you switch to that gear set, if you are in a location where glamours can be applied.

Viewing Other Players' Glamours

You can right-click other players and choose Examine, then view the information window of each piece of their gear. The name of the gear will alternate with the name of the glamour applied to the gear. The glamour name is preceded by a + plus sign.

Dispelling Glamour

If you want to restore a piece of gear to its original appearance, you can use glamour dispellers. These can be purchased from vendors in city-states (Ul'dah, Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Kugane, Ishgard), as well as from the market board and from various other vendors. When you have one or more glamour dispellers, glamours can be dispelled from the Cast Glamour menu by selecting "Remove", or via the Glamour Dresser's "Dispel Glamour" plate.