Where to Get Island Prisms and How to Use Them

Learn how to get and use Island Prisms, which can be used to change the appearance of your cabin and facilities on your Island Sanctuary.

Where to Get Island Prisms


Island Prisms can be crafted by level 90 crafters who have purchased a Master Recipes IX book from a Scrip Exchange for 400 White Crafters' Scrip. See How to Unlock the Scrip Exchange and Collectables for more information about scrip. For a list of locations where you can purchase a Master Recipes IX book, see Master Carpenter IX.


Island Prisms are tradeable, so they can also be purchased from the Marketboard.

How to Use Island Prisms

Check on a logboard on your island and, depending on what is built there, you may have the option to use Island Prisms to change its appearance.