The Gold Saucer

The Manderville Gold Saucer is a casino where you can play minigames to earn MGP, an in-game currency that can be used to purchase unique items.

Requirements to Unlock the Gold Saucer

You can unlock the Gold Saucer when you reach level 15 in any class if you have completed one of the following quests:

Where to Unlock the Gold Saucer

Go to Ul'dah and go southeast from the Ul'dah Aetheryte Plaza. You will find a Well-Heeled Youth with a blue quest icon over his head. Talk to him to begin the quest "It Could Happen to You".

Use an aetheryte to go to the Airship Landing. If the Airship Landing is not unlocked in your list of destinations, go southeast from the Ul'dah Aetheryte Plaza to reach the Ruby Road Exchange, and go south in that area to find a Lift Operator. Talk to him and ride the lift to the Airship Landing. (Be sure to attune to all of the aethernet shards in Ul'dah when you get a chance, to unlock Airship Landing as a destination.)

At the Airship Landing, talk to Elyenora and hand over the golden airship ticket from the Key Items section of your inventory, then say Yes to go to the Gold Saucer.

World of Wonders

When you arrive at the Gold Saucer, the Airship Ticket will have a blue quest icon. Talk to him to accept the quest "World of Wonders". As you do the quest, you will go through the different areas of the Gold Saucer. Be sure to attune to all of the aetheryte shards, and the main Aetheryte, while you do this quest. You should also accept all of the blue quests you see as you go through the area.

How to Go Back to the Gold Saucer

If you leave the Gold Saucer, you can return to the Gold Saucer via the Airship Landings in cities. Just talk to the Airship Ticketer and choose Gold Saucer as your destination. It's free. You can also teleport there if you attuned to the main Aetheryte of the Gold Saucer.

Using the Gold Saucer for Free Travel to the Three Cities

Airship travel to the Gold Saucer is free, and airship travel from the Gold Saucer to Ul'dah is also free.

To make the most of this, set Gridania or Limsa Lominsa as your Home Point (check on the city's main Aetheryte to do so), and set the other of the two as your free destination (which you can do if you set up a Security Token, which is strongly recommended). Then you can go to Gridania and Limsa for free, and use the Airship Landing there to go to the Gold Saucer, and from the Gold Saucer you can go to Ul'dah for free.

Unlocking Games at the Gold Saucer

You can unlock the following games at the Gold Saucer by completing the quests listed below.

Game NameQuest Giver and Nearest Gold Saucer Aethernet ShardUnlock Quest
Triple TriadTriple Triad Master - Entrance & Card SquaresTriple Triad Trial
Mini CactpotMini Cactpot Broker - Entrance & Card SquaresScratch it Rich
Jumbo CactpotJumbo Cactpot Broker - Cactpot BoardHitting the Cactpot
Chocobo RacingRace Chocobo Registrar - Chocobo SquareSo You Want to Be a Jockey
GATESGATE Keeper - (multiple locations throughout the Gold Saucer)(available upon unlocking the Gold Saucer)
Lord of VerminionLord of Verminion machines in Minion Square(available upon unlocking the Gold Saucer)
MahjongLewena - Entrance & Card SquaresEvery Little Thing She Does is Mahjong
Fashion ReportLewena - Entrance & Card SquaresPassion for Fashion