Omicron Tribe Guide

This page explains how to unlock the Omicron Tribe and complete their quests.

How to Unlock the Omicron Tribe

To unlock the Omicron Tribe:

  1. You must complete the level 90 Endwalker quest, "Endwalker" (the final quest of 6.0)
  2. You must complete the blue level 90 quest "Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before", which can be started at Old Sharlayan ( X:11 , Y:14 )
  3. You need to have at least one Disciple of the Land (gatherer) at level 80.

If you meet these requirements, you can go to Ultima Thule ( X:25.4 , Y:26.3 ) and speak to Jammingway to begin the quest "The Café at the End of the Universe", which will unlock the Omicron Tribe.

Omicron Tribe Daily Quests

Omicron Tribe Daily Quests can be started by talking to Stigma-4 at Ultima Thule ( X: 27.7 Y: 24.4 ). There will be three quests available each day, and an additional three if you rank up that day.

Omicron Tribe Quest Rewards

After you unlock the Omicron Tribe and rank up your reputation with them by doing daily quests, you can purchase unique items from N-0598 at Ultima Thule (X:27.7 Y:24.7).

Item Name Rank Required
N-7000 Card (Triple Triad) Requires Rank 4
Lumini (Minion) Requires Rank 5
Dragonstar aux Marrons (Tabletop Meal) Requires Rank 6
Miw Miisv (Mount) Requires Rank 7
Omicron Framer's Kit (Adventurer Plate) Requires Rank 8
Cradle of Hope Orchestrion Roll Requires Rank 8