The Hall of the Novice

The Hall of the Novice provides combat training and other assistance that is helpful for new players and veterans alike.

How to Access the Hall of the Novice

You will find "The Smith" in the Adventurers' Guild in the three starting cities (in the Quicksand in Ul'dah, in the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa, and in the Carline Canopy in Gridania), as well as outside the entrance of the first few dungeons in the ARR main scenario. You can talk to any of them for assistance and information.

Hall of the Novice Location

The Hall of the Novice itself is located just north of Aleport, in Western La Noscea. It is recommended to visit the Hall of the Novice when you are able to do so. While there, talk to all of the people there and read all of the books and signs for helpful information.

Hall of the Novice Training

When you are level 15 or higher in a combat class, talk to any of The Smith and choose Hall of the Novice Training to engage in training exercises for your current role. Thereafter, you can access these training exercises via the Main Menu > Duty.

There are three separate training courses, one for tanks, one for healers, and one for DPS. It is strongly recommended to complete all of the training exercises for all roles that you plan to play. Read all of the on-screen text during each exercise to ensure that you understand what you are supposed to do.

Not only will these exercises teach you the basics of combat, but you will be rewarded with good gear, including the Brand-New Ring from the final exercise in the training course, which gives a 30% boost to experience point gain when level 30 or below.