How to Join a Party and Use Party Features

This page explains how to join a party in Final Fantasy XIV, and the various features of party play.

Overview of Party Play

Players can form parties of up to eight players, to participate in duties and other activities together. Parties have various features that are explained in detail below. The official web site also has guides on Party Play and the UI Guide Page on Parties.

Free Trial Restrictions

Players on the free trial cannot invite other players to a party, but they can be invited to other players' parties and can join parties via the Duty Finder.

How to Create a Party

If you are not on the free trial, you can invite other players to a party by right-clicking them, or right-clicking their name in the chat window, and choosing "Invite to Party". This option is only available if you are not in a party, or you are the leader of the party that you are in. If you try to invite someone who is already in another party or has busy status on, or if you are in a party that you are not the leader of, you will get an error message.

Party Finder

Another way to create a party is to use the Party Finder, which is unlocked by completing the level 15 Main Scenario Quest It's Probably Pirates. Read the Party Finder page for more details.

How to Join Someone Else's Party

To join an existing party, ask the leader of the party to invite you.

How to Kick Someone From Your Party

If you are the leader of the party, you can kick players from the party by right-clicking them and choosing Kick.

How to Leave or Disband a Party

To leave the party that you are in, you can right-click yourself and choose Leave, or type /leave in chat, to leave the party. If you are the leader of the party, you can right-click yourself and choose Disband, to disband the party.

How to Promote a Party Member to Party Leader

If you are the leader of the party, you can promote a player to party leader by right-clicking them and choosing Promote.

Party Chat

Players in a party can chat with each other by typing /p before their message, or by typing /p by itself to switch to Party chat (which will persist until the mode is changed again), or by clicking the 💬 to the left of the chat input box and choosing Party (this will also persist until the mode is changed again). Party chat is not visible to players outside of the party.

Chat Sound Effects

When typing in party chat, you can type <se.1> through <se.16> to play a sound effect that other players in the party will hear. To find out what they sound like, you can type /echo <se.1> and so on, which will only play these sound effects for you.

Party Stat Bonus

Depending on the composition of the party, each player in the party may get a stat bonus. This can be viewed in the Party Members List (see below).

Party Features

There are various features that can be used by a party (or while playing solo). They are explained in more detail below.

Party Members List

In Main Menu > Party you can choose Party Members to view more details about the members of the party that you are in, such as each party member's current location, and any stat bonuses that are in effect based on the current composition of the party.

Sort Party List

You can change the sort order of the party list via the Sort Party List button in the Party Members List (see above).

Signs and Waymarks

While solo or in a party, you can use Signs and Waymarks via Main Menu > Party. Signs and Waymarks will be visible to all members of the party. Signs can be placed on targetable things such as other players, enemies, and interactable objects. Waymarks can be placed on the ground, and in certain duties, sets of waymarks can be saved for later.

Ready Check

You can initiate a ready check via Main Menu > Party > Ready Check, or by typing /readycheck in chat. This will pop up an alert for all party members to indicate whether or not they are ready. Players have a limited amount of time to make a selection, and will be marked "not ready" if they do not make a selection before the time limit expires. If the ready check has not been completed by all players, you can choose Ready Check from the Party menu or type /readycheck again to see the current status of other players' selections.


You can initiate a countdown via Main Menu > Party > Countdown, or by typing /countdown in chat. Enter the desired duration of the countdown, and the countdown will be displayed to all party members. This is especially useful in high-level duties so players can initiate their attacks at an optimal time to maximize damage.