Never Forget - Quest Guide

Buscarron asks you to return a personal effect to a former employee of his.


This quest is available if you have completed the quest Druthers House Rules, and have reached level 23.

Starting the Quest

Talk to Buscarron in the South Shroud to start the quest.

Optional: Attune to an Aetheryte

Before you continue, you might want to attune to an Aetheryte in the South Shroud. There is one to the east, in Quarrymill, and there is one to the south, in Camp Tranquil. This will make it easier to return to this area later.

Speak to Baensyng

Go to Limsa Lominsa and use an aetheryte to go to Hawkers' Alley. Go west and talk to Baensyng.

Deliver the Fresh Chicken Egg to Kyokyoroon

Go east to find Kyokyoroon. Talk to him and hand over the chicken egg.

Speak with Wineburg

Use an aetheryte to go to the Fishermen's Guild. Go south and talk to Wineburg.

Speak with Ahldfoet

Talk to Renenasu, the Ferry Skipper (he is standing next to Wineburg, whom you spoke to a moment ago). Purchase passage to Aleport. Or you can teleport there, but it's more expensive.

Ahldfoet is at the eastern docks of Aleport. Talk to him to proceed.

Deliver the Scarlet Earring

Go north from Aleport and follow the north road to reach a new area, Upper La Noscea. Go northeast to reach Teteroon. Talk to him and hand over the Scarlet Earring.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After you complete the quest, talk to Teteroon to accept the next quest: Microbrewing.