Life, Materia and Everything - Quest Guide

To ensure that you are prepared for the challenges you will face, Minfilia asks you to visit the goblin scholar Mutamix Bubblypots to learn how to enhance your gear.


This quest is available after you have completed the quest Dressed to Deceive.

Starting the Quest

Talk to Minfilia in the Waking Sands in Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan to start the quest.

Present Minfilia's Dagger to Mutamix

Mutamix is north of Black Brush Station in Central Thanalan. Go out via the northeast exit from Black Brush Station, then turn northwest and follow the dirt road until you can go northeast to your destination.

Talk to Mutamix and hand over Minfilia's Dagger. There will be a cutscene.

Forging the Spirit and Waking the Spirit

Before you depart, talk to Swynbroes to accept the quest Forging the Spirit, then talk to him again to complete the quest. This enables you to create Materia. Afterward, if you have a crafting class at level 19 or higher, you can talk to him again to accept the quest Waking the Spirit, and talk to him again to complete it. This will allow you to affix Materia to gear.

For more information about Materia, read the Materia Guide.

Deliver the Materia-Enhanced Dagger to Minfilia

Use a Vesper Bay Aetheryte Ticket (which you received after completing the quest The Scions of the Seventh Dawn) to return to Vesper Bay. Go into the Waking Sands and talk to Minfilia. Hand over the Materia-enhanced Dagger to complete the quest.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After you complete the quest, you will need to be at least level 20 to proceed to the next quest. After you reach level 20, talk to Minfilia to accept the next quest: Lord of the Inferno.