It's Probably Pirates - Quest Guide

Now that you have earned the trust of the Eorzean Alliance leaders, Baderon has a dangerous job for you.


This quest is available after you have completed the quest Call of the Sea.

Starting the Quest

To start the quest, talk to Baderon in the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa. There will be a cutscene.

Speak with V'mellpa

Go south to the aetheryte shard and use it to go to the Fisherman's Guild. V'mellpa can be found south of the Fisherman's Guild aetheryte.

Speak with the Seasoned Adventurer

To go to Aleport, you can talk to Rerenasu and purchase passage to Aleport for 40 gil. Or if you have attuned to the Aleport aetheryte, you can teleport there, but it is more expensive than the ferry.

Go northeast from Aleport to find the Hall of the Novice. Speak with the Seasoned Adventurer there.

It is strongly recommended to speak to the Smith NPC next to the Seasoned Adventurer to unlock the Hall of the Novice Training Exercises. These exercises will teach you the basics of combat in Final Fantasy XIV, and they reward you with good gear, including the Brand-New Ring from the final exercise in the training course, which gives a 30% boost to experience point gain when level 30 or below.

Speak with the Yellowjacket

After you have talked to the Seasoned Adventurer, and optionally (but strongly recommended) completed the Hall of the Novice Training Exercises, go north to find the Yellowjacket outside of Sastasha.

Before you talk to the Yellowjacket, you may wish to talk to Edda, Liavinne, Paiyo Reiyo, and Avere who are standing nearby.

About Duty Finder and Duty Support

After you talk to the Yellowjacket, the Duty Finder will be unlocked if you did not unlock it earlier, and Duty Support will be unlocked as well. You can find them in Main Menu > Duty. You can use Duty Finder to enter multiplayer dungeons, trials, and raids, as well as certain other multiplayer duties.

You can use Duty Support to enter certain dungeons and trials with a party of non-player characters. You can also right-click the glowing Entrance nearby to display Sastasha in Duty Finder or Duty Support. For more information about the Duty Finder, read the Duty Finder page.

If you have not entered dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV before, it is strongly recommended to talk to The Smith, who is standing next to the Entrance, and complete the Hall of the Novice Training Exercises prior to entering Sastasha.

If you choose to use Duty Finder instead of Duty Support, click the checkbox next to Sastasha in the Duty Finder, then click Join to join the queue. You will be matched with other players to form a four-person party for Sastasha. The amount of time that you have to wait will depend on how many other players are online, which depends on the time of day in the region that the datacenter is located in. Also, if you are playing a DPS class, you may have to wait longer than if you are playing Tank or Healer, which are less commonly played roles and therefore in higher demand.

After you join the queue, before the duty is ready, you do not have to wait around at the dungeon entrance. You can go wherever you wish. If you need to withdraw from the queue, you can do so by opening the Duty Finder and clicking the Withdraw button at the bottom, or by clicking "Duty Finder" above where it says the name of the duty that you are queueing for, but be aware that, depending on the circumstances, there may be penalties for withdrawing.


Before you can continue this quest, you need to clear the Sastasha dungeon. Please see the Sastasha page for the walkthrough.

Speak with Baderon

After you complete Sastasha, go back to Limsa Lominsa and talk to Baderon. There will be a cutscene.

Party Finder

Completing the quest will unlock Party Finder, which can be found in Main Menu > Party. You can use Party Finder to recruit people for duties that you have unlocked, and you can browse the listings in Party Finder to see what people are recruiting for.

However, you should use Duty Finder, not Party Finder, for your main scenario quest duties, unless the Duty Finder queue times are very long.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After you complete the quest, talk to Baderon to accept the next quest: Call of the Forest.