Sastasha Guide - Dungeon Guide

A guide to Sastasha, an instanced duty in Final Fantasy XIV, part of the quest "It's Probably Pirates".

How to Unlock

To unlock Sastasha, you must be at least level 15 in a combat class. Sastasha is unlocked during the level 15 Main Scenario Quest It's Probably Pirates.

Before you Join the Queue

If this is your first time queueing for a multiplayer duty, you may wish to review the Duty Finder and Joining a Party pages before you join the queue.

Tank Stance

Before players attack any enemies, the tank needs to be sure to activate their tank stance (Iron Will for Gladiators, Defiance for Marauders, Grit for Dark Knights, and Royal Guard for Gunbreakers). The move that activates the tank stance should only be used once, at the start of the duty.

Overview of Each Player's Role

The tank should use their multi-target attacks and their long-range enmity attack as necessary to ensure that all enemies are attacking them and not the other players in the party. The tank is expected to lead the way through the dungeon. If non-tank players try to rush ahead of the tank, they are likely to die.

The healer should keep an eye on all players' health. The healer should heal just enough to prevent players from dying. The healer is expected to attack enemies whenever healing is not needed. The healer's priority should be to keep themselves alive, then the tank, then the two DPS. If anyone dies, the healer should use Raise (preceded by Swiftcast if it is available) to revive the dead player(s). The healer should use Esuna whenever anyone is afflicted by status ailments.

DPS players should use their multi-target attacks if there are three or more enemies, and switch to using their single-target attacks if there are only one or two enemies. DPS players that have damage-over-time attacks available to them should inflict enemies with damage-over-time status, and should reapply the effect whenever it wears off.

The party members should try not to go too far apart from each other. The tanks and DPS should try not to go too far away from the healer, because the healer's spells have a limited range.

Activate the Coral Trigger

After you deal with the enemies near the entrance, the path will split. There is a dead end to the south, but many players prefer to skip it. This dead end has a Bloody Memo that gives you a clue about which coral formation to activate. If you do read the memo, it will contain one of the following clues.

  • "The Capten lykes his wyne Redd" = Red Switch
  • "The Capten lykes his sees Bloo" = Blue Switch
  • "The Capten lykes his cabege Green" = Green Switch

After you go down the west path, you eventually reach an open area. The Giant Clams here can only be damaged when their shells are open. The clams will continuously cause more Shade Seekers to appear until the clams are killed.

At the end of the area, you will find a glowing purple line across the path. This indicates that there will be a boss battle beyond the line. There are three differently colored coral formations beyond the purple line. Players need to interact with the correct coral formation and press the switch on it to make an Inconspicuous Switch appear. (The two incorrect switches will douse the player with poison, which the healer should use Esuna to remove, and will also cause a Cave Aurelia to attack. After you kill the Aurelia, try a different switch.)

After the players interact with the correct coral formation, an Inconspicuous Switch will appear. When a player interacts with the Inconspicuous Switch, Chopper will attack.


Chopper will periodically use a circle attack centered on itself called Charged Whisker. Players should avoid standing in the attack marker.

How to Roll for Loot

After Chopper dies, open the treasure chest that appears. If you are in the dungeon with other players, each player can try to win each item from the treasure chest by clicking on each item and choosing Need or Greed. If the treasure window closes, you can click the treasure button in the corner to reopen it. Players will only have the "Need" option if the item is for the player's current class (e.g. a Marauder can choose Need on a helm that Marauders can equip, etc.) Otherwise, players can choose "Greed" if they want it but don't have the Need option, or choose "Pass" if they don't want it. Players who chose Need will get a higher priority than players who chose Greed. There is a time limit to make your choice, and if you do not make a choice before time runs out, you automatically choose Pass. However, it is best to make your choice quickly, so that the winner will receive their item sooner. You can use auto-run while you make your decision so you don't delay progress through the dungeon.

Open the Hidden Door

After you get the treasure that appeared after you defeated Chopper, interact with the Inconspicuous Switch again to open the hidden door.

Discover the Pirate Captain

Go through the door that you revealed, and you will soon find another purple line across the path, beyond which you will find Captain Madison and two Shallowtail Reavers waiting. Kill the Shallowtail Reavers first, then attack Captain Madison. When Captain Madison's health becomes low enough, he will open the door and run away, and another chest will appear.

Obtain the Waverider Gate Key

Fight your way through the enemies along the path and go toward the Captain's Quarters to the south. One of the Shallowscale Reavers nearby will drop the Captain's Quarters Key. A player needs to interact with it to pick it up. Then kill the guards in front of the Captain's Quarters, and if someone picked up the aforementioned key, any player can interact with the door to unlock it. Inside, kill the Shallowtail Reaver and he will drop the Waverider Gate Key.

Defeat Denn the Orcatoothed

Take the key and leave the Captain's Quarters. There are several other rooms leading off of this area, but most players will want to skip them. However, the rooms do provide some backstory that some players may find interesting. You can re-enter this dungeon later with the Duty Support system (in Main Menu > Duty) if you would like more time to explore. To proceed, go southwest to the Waverider Gate and kill the guards there, then interact with the gate there to open it.

Battle Captain Madison Again

Up ahead, you will have another encounter with Captain Madison. When his health gets low, he will summon some Scurvy Dogs. Focus on the dogs and then resume your attacks on the Captain. As before, when Captain Madison's health becomes low enough, he will open the door and run away.

Follow him, and stay to the left to avoid the enemies along the north side of this area.

To the southwest, you will find another purple line across the path. Go past it, and there will be a cutscene.

Denn the Orcatoothed

Attack Denn the Orcatoothed, but keep an eye on the Unnatural Ripples in the corners of the area. If any of the ripples start bubbling, players can interact with them to stop them. This will prevent additional enemies from appearing. When Denn the Orcatoothed dies, the duty is complete, and players can open the final chest, choose a player for player commendation, and click the exit to leave the dungeon.

Completing the Quest

Defeating Denn will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest It's Probably Pirates.