Ala Mhigo - Dungeon Guide

You have breached the enemy's gate and proceed into Ala Mhigo with your fellow adventurers.

How to Unlock

The Ala Mhigo 4-player dungeon is unlocked by the level 70 Main Scenario Quest Stormblood.

Magitek Scorpion

Electromagnetic Field damages all players.

Target Search places circle attack markers under each player. Players need to keep moving to stay out of the circle marker, which will leave behind a temporary fire puddle afterward. Stay out of the puddles after they appear.

Tail Laser places a line marker across the length of the area in front of and behind the boss. Stay out of the attack markers, and continue to stay away from that line, where the boss will do a continuous attack for a few moments.

As the battle proceeds, Tail Laser will occur at the same time as Target Search.

Aulus Mal Asina

Mana Burst damages all players.

Order to Charge places Magitek Bits around the area, and Order to Fire makes them use a variety of attacks, such as circle attacks around themselves, and donut attacks around themselves. Be prepared to move out of the way of these attacks.

Magitek Disruptor will stun all players and draw them toward Aulus. This is followed by Mindjack, which knocks your spirit away from your body. You will see a tether connecting you toward your body, so move toward the other end of your tether while also dodging attack markers.

As the battle proceeds, there will be more Bits during Order to Charge, and Demimagicks will mark players with circle markers that follow them. Avoid overlapping other players with your circle.

Zenos yae Galvus

A persistent damage zone will appear around outside edge of the area. Don't step in this or you will be inflicted with Bleeding and Damage Down.

The tank should turn Zenos to face away from other players, and other players should avoid being in front of Zenos, to avoid his Unmoving Troika attack. The tank can move

Art of the Storm does damage in a circle around Zenos, inflicting Paralyze if it hits you. Keep your distance from Zenos to avoid this attack.

Art of the Swell knocks players away from Zenos. Stay near the center to avoid being knocked into the damage zone around the area.

Art of the Sword is a line attack from Zenos to all players. Players should avoid standing near each other to prevent being hit by this atatck multiple times.

Veinsplitter is a circle attack around Zenos, and then a circle attack around his clones. Get out of the circle attack marker around Zenos, then keep your distance from his clones to avoid being hit with this attack.

Lightless Spark will tether a player and hit them with a cone attack. The tethered player should turn Zenos to face away from other players to prevent Zenos from hitting others with this attack. When the attack marker appears, the formerly tethered player should move out of the way of the cone attack marker.

Concentrativity damages all players.

Zenos's swords will become targetable, and an Aether Transfer gauge will appear. Zenos's clones will appear during this time. If a clone has the windy circle around it, stay near that clone to avoid getting knocked back into the damage zone, then after the knockback occurs, spread apart to avoid hitting each other with the overlapping line attacks from the other clone. Destroy the swords as quickly as possible before the gauge reaches 100. When the gauge fills, Zenos will jump to each sword in turn and do an attack with each one, followed by a final attack that does damage to all players based on the health of each sword when the gauge reached 100.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Ala Mhigo. There will be a cutscene.