Step Nine - Quest Guide

After you assist Papashan with the matter of Lady Lilira, Cicidoa has a delivery job for you.


This quest is only available if you started the game in Ul'dah, you have completed the quest Underneath the Sultantree, and have reached level 6.

Starting the Quest

Talk to Cicidoa in the Dispatch Yard of Central Thanalan to start the quest.

Present the Receipt to Gagari

After you start the quest, the next quest marker will be in the garden nearby. Talk to Gagari, and hand over the Receipt of Purchase from the Key Items tab in your inventory. Gagari will give you the pumpkin to deliver.

Deliver the Pumpkin

There will be a green check mark on the map and minimap, northwest of Gagari. Go into the building you find there, and talk to Roger. Hand over the pumpkin, and after some dialogue, you can complete the quest.

Next Main Scenario Quest

For the next quest, you will need to be level 8 to proceed to the next quest. Once you have reached level 8, talk to Roger in Central Thanalan to accept the quest Prudence at this Junction.