Relighting the Torch - Quest Guide

After your arrival in Swiftperch, a Yellowjacket asks you to investigate the Brewer's Beacon.


This quest is only available if you started the game in Limsa Lominsa, and you have completed the quest Thanks a Million.

Starting the Quest

To start the quest, talk to Fraeloef in Swiftperch, in Western La Noscea.

Speak with Khanswys

Go west from Swiftperch to find Khanswys. Talk to her to get an iron brazier. It will be in the Key Items section of your inventory.

Set the Iron Brazier on the Ground Near the Scarecrow

Go northeast to the next quest destination. You will find a sparkle in front of a scarecrow. Target it and use the Iron Brazier from your Key Items, or by clicking it in the list of quests on the side of the screen.

Then check on the Iron Brazier, and a Torchlight will appear. Kill it to get a bomb claw.

Deliver the Bomb Claw

Go back southwest to return to Khanswys. Talk to her to give her the bomb claw.

Report to Fraeloef

Go back to Swiftperch and talk to Fraeloef. Your next destination is in Limsa Lominsa.

Speak With H'naanza

H'naanza is south of the Aftcastle aetheryte. Talk to her to complete the quest.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After completing the quest, talk to H'naanza to accept the next quest: On to the Drydocks.