Plowshares to Swords - Quest Guide

After you deliver the blackloam, Pfrewahl asks you to retrieve some stolen tools.


This quest is only available if you started the game in Limsa Lominsa, and you have completed the quest Loam Maintenance.

Starting the Quest

Talk to Pfrewahl in Middle La Noscea to start the quest.

Recover the Stolen Tools

The quest destination is southwest of Pfrewahl. In that area, Grounded Raiders and Grounded Pirates will have the quest icon over their heads. Fight them until you have recovered three stolen tools. Be careful to avoid fighting too many enemies at once. There is also a level 11 enemy in this area, Captain Petyr Pigeontoe, that you might want to avoid hitting with your area-of-effect attacks. If you're overwhelmed, you can run away until the enemies stop chasing you, then come back and try again.

Deliver the Reclaimed Tools

Go back to Pfrewahl to deliver the tools.

Report to Staelwyrn

Go south and cross the bridge, then go east to Summerford Farms and talk to Staelwyrn to complete the quest.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After completing the quest, talk to Staelwyrn to accept the next quest: Just Deserts.